Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little By Little

Andrew Little has been anointed as Labour's leader.

I reckon he is the only person who has the capability to reform the party and bring it back to the centre - making it attractive once more to middle New Zealand.

He needs to forget about john Key.  Forget about Parliament and question time.

The first and only priority must be to exert an iron fist of discipline over the idiots in the Labour caucus.  And he has the power to do it.  The power of the unions.  The drongos in the rainbow faction and the huggers of the Greens need to be told in no uncertain terms that if they step put of line they will be deselected.

He needs to  develop policy that will appeal to middle New Zealand and he needs to attack National on policy, not on personality. 

I think Little, like Tony Abbot in Australia, is vastly underestimated.  He has an opportunity to prove all the pundits wrong and bring forth a genuine new Labour Party which at last shrugs off the appalling legacy of Helen Clark.


pdm said...

I cannot see Little taking Labour back to the centre. Like Cunliffe he won due to union support and they will not allow him to move away from their ideology - as was the case with his predecessor.

My prediction is that Little will last no more than two years at which time Jacinda Adern will make her move. She has been playing a cagey game so far but will want to lead Labour into the 2017 election no matter what their prospects of winning are. If she doesn't Nash and Davies will be running the cutter.

Angry Tory said...

Nash is nearly as disastrous as little - he's only in parliament thanks to Garth McVicar.

Labour's trouble is simple: to run to the centre, then have to run to the right of National, and that's just not going to happen.

Chris said...

It is interesting that the length each Labour leader has declined since Helen resigned. Goff 3 years, Shearer 2, Cunliffe 1, how long will little be in the job?

The Veteran said...

The next 'building' block in the equation will be to see who Little chooses as his Deputy (leader chooses, caucus endorses).

It will be instructive to see if he reaches out beyond the now discredited 'old guard' and go for someone untainted by failure (Davis or Nash).

But I have it in my water that Cunliffe and Mahuta will be somewhere in the mix such is the Byzantine nature of Labour Party politics.

Anonymous said...

Well, May be I am already underestimating Little. To me he has the charisma of a plank! Perhaps he can excite the Labour faithful, but the country, I think not.