Saturday, November 15, 2014


Mrs Vet and I spent last night at the Duke of Marborough at Russell ... has the slogan 'Refreshing Rascals and Reprobates since 1827'.   Probably qualify on both counts ... I digress.    If you haven't been there then you should.   5 Star accommodation.     5 Star table (diners kill for their Forrest Mushroom and Matakana Blue Cheese Soup).   5 Star service.   Place was, as always, packed.   Ran into our first female Prime Minister and husband Burton enjoying the hospitality.

Prior to that and leaving Mrs Vet to watch the world go by from our Waterfront Suite I popped over to the Russell RSA which markets itself as the 'best little RSA in NZL'.      President Pedro and his better half Barb are RSA activists in the best possible sense.   I was fascinated to hear what they had organised for Armistice Day.   Just up from the RSA is the Russell Primary School.    The School has a grove of trees planted to acknowledge the sacrifice of every soldier from the district who fell in WW1.   Each tree is named.   Peter and Barb researched the history of each soldier and had made up a set of court mounted replica medals that each soldier would have been entitled to.   On Armistice Day, central to the service of remembrance, a pupil from the school wears the soldiers medals and lays a wreath at the tree that honors his sacrifice.    Great acknowledgement, great gesture.    This is small town New Zealand showing the way.

Well done Peter (Victor 6 Company in Vietnam) and Barb.   Well done the Russell RSA.   Well done Russell.


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