Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just As I Thought It Would Be

The Commerce Commission has found no fault on the part of Countdown.

The Commerce Commission said that based on the evidence it gathered during a nine-month investigation it "does not believe that Progressive has breached any of the laws it enforces and it will not be taking any action against Progressive".

Nothing could be as stupid as a Labour politician trying to beat up on a supermarket chain for taking effective action to keep prices down for all those useless pricks who vote Labour and Greens.


Anonymous said...

After Labour have apologised whale oil should do the same after the outrageous bashing he gave them...and then foodstuff boycotted his blog ironically.

Teddypoo said...

"taking effective action to keep prices down.."

Oh, that's what they were doing. That explains why groceries here are significantly more expensive than in Australia and Britain. Is Katherine Rich paying you to publish her propaganda, or are you doing it for nothing?

The Veteran said...

No Teddypoo ... not Adolfs words but those of the Commerce Commission.

Clearly Progressive are playing it tough.
I guess that's what any major player would do to maintain market share and grow their business. Isn't that what it's all about? (as long as they play within the rules).

Comparing prices with o'seas gets you nowhere. If it were a valid argument then perhaps you might also look at where the other major (New Zealand owned) player is in the great scheme of things.

Teddypoo said...

Cosy duopoly screwing us over, with the help of their shills, of course.

The Veteran said...

Teddypoo ... then the answer is 'price control'. You know, where the government sets the price for each and every item.

Worked before too - not.

Barry said...

And Key has Shane Jones still in the trough on MY MONEY!