Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Iwi Settlements

There must be rich pickings fo a budding post graduate student in the post settlement history of respective Iwi.

Adolf would like to see a serious analysis of each setlement, outlining the following:-
  • Date and $$ amount.
  • Manner in which funds are held.
  • Names of previous and current trustees/managers.
  • Provisions for annual audit.
  • Estimated current value.
  • Amount of dividends distributed to registered Iwi members.
  • Manner in which annual profits are distributed (or not distributed.)
  • and anything else which may seem relevant.

It's not the sort of thing I might expect to be promoted by The University of Waikato.


Anonymous said...

Well, I know the answer for one iwi.
The Tribe got millions of dollars, decides it's not enough, invested it in high risk investments, while the guy in charge of this drives around in a European car.
I got the occassional update mailed to me which was in full colour & looked to be of high print quality.
Eventually the investments went sour, the money ran out, and the last update was in black & white on cheap paper. Haven't heard from them since.

B Whitehead

Anonymous said...

The websites of most will take you to their annual reports. Check out Ngai Tahu, Tainui, Ngat Whatua, Ngati Awa, Ngat Ruanui are among the early settlors

Anonymous said...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1 and 2

Please use pseudonyms when commenting here.

Barry said...

It's not the sort of thing I'd expect to see promoted by john key either!