Saturday, November 15, 2014

It Is The System Dammit.

We have a judicial system with a punishment component that has a "life sentence" effectively 14 years  in custody and then some post custodial constituent recall, to become active on further criminal activity, should the system decide to intervene.

Therefore should a convicted person sentenced to "life" be a model prisoner and earn a right to parole after the minimum as prescribed, served, they will be prepared to reintegrate into society prior to the parole board making a decision to set them free.

Without entering the debate on the rights and wrongs of such a system that is what those working the system have to deal with.

Smith/Traynor has served his "Life" years and is in a situation that leaves the Parole board and corrections with minimal room to prevaricate, they have to let the scroat loose.
With the convictions he had, could the judge not have used Preventative Detention thereby giving the Dept of Justice a means to keep him in jail?

That POS has made things so much worse for all the dumbarses who are facing release whether mandated or as an option.

It appears Smith is a rather different bastard and by an audacious plan,  with assistance and help from others, with or without knowledge of his master plan, he manipulated an agenda designed for persons with a somewhat lower appreciation of how to defeat a system that prepares for reintegration into the real world some years beyond that which they left some time earlier.

Had NZ had a judicial system that included capital punishment this would not have ever happened, but for those who seek a punishment regime that ends short of judicial killing it is difficult to see how reintegration can be managed without allowing opportunity for duplicitous bastards such as Smith to circumvent it.


Jamie said...

Yes seems to be a trend of letting paedos skip the country while out on bail...

London's Metropolitan police want to speak to him about a possible paedophile ring which could have been operating in the area, the paper reported.

We gave him bail...

Psycho Milt said...

Had NZ had a judicial system that included capital punishment...

...the NZ government would have had killed in cold blood an unknown but significant number of innocent NZ citizens over the last few decades (as it regularly did in the "good old days" when the state dangling people from a rope if 12 dumbasses thought it would be a good idea was de rigeur). No fucking thanks - if that means Traynor keeps doing all that superfluous and annoying breathing he's doing, it's a small price to pay.

The Veteran said...

PM ... I'm with you on this. As far as Traynor is concerned the comments of his father aired on TY are instructive ... directed at Corrections NZL ... "just tidy the cell, change the sheets, (no matter what you think about rehabilitation) he'll be back".

Manipulative persons like Traynor will 'game' the system for what it is worth and always to their own advantage. There is a criminal element who cannot be rehabilitated and its a waste of resources to even try ... made difficult by certain 'bleeding hearts' who refuse to believe simple reality.

The trick is to identify those persons and manage their incarnation accordingly .... have them serve their sentence and no parole, no early release, no nothing, in the sure and certain knowledge that sooner (rather than later) and like MacArthur, they will return.

Traynor is one of those.