Friday, November 28, 2014

I Know Which Is The More Tragic.

Phillip Hughes, a talented and successful Australian Cricketer dies three days short of his 26th Birthday playing the sport he loved and on the cusp of a recall to the Test side next Thursday.
Sean Abbott bowled a legal delivery and Hughes attempted a hook shot, the ball struck Hughes below the protective helmet in a totally freak incident rupturing a major artery delivering blood to his brain.

Yesterday Hughes was taken off life support and died pain free very soon after in the presence of his family and friends.

Meanwhile Heidi Welman  Scott 41, was stabbed to death on Auckland North Shore by her ex partner while under a protection order.
Bizarrely, Heidi died during White ribbon week and her killer arrested at Auckland Airport attempting to flee and had been due to appear in the North Shore court on charges of breaking that protection order.

On the evidence published so far Hughes tragic death occurred within the laws and best practice in current use. He possibly did not even understand what happened and the ball brought no more fear or premonition than many others faced. He was felled in an environment of his choosing among friends, family and comrades
Poor Heidi died because a benighted system didn't lock a bastard scumbag up while his alleged breach of a protection order was processed. She died after an attack that was months coming and would have confronted the sheer terror of what her killer intended to do to her. Heidi was felled in the absence of all those hand wringers and sycophants paying lip service to all the legislated rubbish that in the end moments of her life were absolutely of no support or assistance at all.

Which was the more tragic? Which death is being given the greater coverage in NZ Media.

RIP Heidi Welman Scott and Phillip Joel Hughes.


Chris said...

I agree with your sentiments, GD.
I just said to my wife this morning that the Hughes death has been blown out of all proportion.
As you have posted, there are people dying every day from all sorts of incidents, and no one even knows or makes mention of these. Every death is a tragedy, to have so much hype made about this one is a tragedy in itself.

Frank Davis said...

in the true spirit of OSH all future games should be played with 100% Kevlar body armour cover for the batsmen and an ersatz runner shall be a designated stand in some 100mm west of the line of the bowlers delivery , otherwise the cricket officials cannot be seen to be doing all that is practicable to prevent such injury occurring

Marc said...

Just saw the midday news on TVOne - seven, yes SEVEN minutes for the lead item on Hughes' accidental death. Not even a NZer. Where do we get these tossers from?