Monday, November 24, 2014

I Guess That Does Create Interest as Half Arsed Garbage.

On the face of it, Masterton Business owner Lucas's policy around "drive off debts" being docked from wages seems very harsh and probably illegal in the face of existing law.

Perhaps there is much more not revealed?

Knew a young guy who on leaving school did a tech course in basic food prep and eatery hygiene then bought  a bankrupt fast food opportunity (non franchise) and commenced to make his fortune.
Sadly it went south as his old school mates and those of his staff considered it obligatory for John to supply them with free food.
A great young man was forced from his business when cutting his losses was the only option remaining.

So was the Lucas system from day one of employment,
Had certain employees been "unluckier" than others,
Was this policy included in the employment contract.

One commenter elsewhere glibly recounted a slick system of track covering by "till manipulation" and another had a tale of a two trolly scam involving getting a checkout operator to make a product change.

When I go to maccas, the colonel or even my local chippy, they dont even reach for the chip basket until the dosh is in the drawer and the dam thing is shut!

On a management committee facing serious shortfall in apparent takings we installed serious surveillance security and it still took some time to uncover the fraud involving the bastard manager  who had purchased two identical tills that he spent hours at home after work, creating a second set of printouts sufficient to overcome  standard audits.
It was wandering hands at the staff xmas function that gave us the opportunity to dispense with the crafty bastard's assistance and then, under the galling and entirely stupid employment law we had to tread very carefully when a sister Club sought a reference following a job application.

Before the chatterati condemn a person trying to overcome scumbag attitudes, is it too much to hope all, or at least much more, background is discovered and published.

I am not defending the alleged behavior of Lucas and now Pakinsave in docking staff wages but can we please have a lot more facts before the scheduled Lynching.
Due process and all.

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Tinman said...

Damn or Damned.

When you read the stories (an unusual action admittedly) you find the two cases are far from similar.

The checkout chicks did not follow procedure and allowed themselves to be stolen from because of that.

Their contracts allowed the employer to make them responsible for the subsequent losses and he/she did so quite legally.

I believe correctly. Unfortunately he/she has been forced to refund the losses.

In the service stations the management had poor security (if any) in place and were at fault.

I doubt the legality of the management's actions.