Sunday, November 30, 2014


So Ms Delahunty, Green Party Education Spokesthingy and Shill for the PPTA thinks that because Auckland's Vanguard Military College roll has dropped from the 104 it started the year with to 79 now that it's a failure.

 The only failure is that Delahunty is so closed minded and wedded to the one glove fits all State sector approach that she is incapable of recognizing that these schools pick up those the State system has failed.    Were it not for likes of Charter Schools those attending them would probably be wandering the streets creating mayhem.

But no, in the Green's lexicon (and Labour's too) the whole concept of Charter schools is evil.   Blindly beholden as they are to the teacher unions that pull their strings and incapable of thinking outside the square.  Bugger the kids and ideology rules OK.    The State and only the State has the answers ... stupid and sad.



Nick K said...

The fact the roll has dropped indicates children and parents don't like it, and/or don't think it's suitable for their child. That's precisely one reason these schools exist - to provide choice!

79 students have stayed with the school. That indicates the schools a roaring success.

The Veteran said...

Nick K .... you've nailed it. The focus has to be on the 79 ... as for the the 'others', well I suspect they haven't been rushing back to State schools and begging forgiveness. Hazard a guess that many of them will end up as an 'unfortunate' statistic. Pity, they were given a chance but clearly and for whatever reason it didn't work out.

JC said...

Its one thing to want the best for your child and enroll him in a CS but its another to keep up the discipline required of parents and pupils that may be needed to turn things around.


The Veteran said...

JC ... agreed but that's life .... take a horse to water and all of that.

Charter Schools present an opportunity for those who the State system has/is failing.

Some will grasp that opportunity, others will not.

But the Greens should be focusing on the 79 and celebrating their success rather than highlighting the drop outs who were probably always going to be drop outs and using them as a tool to bag the initiative.

JC said...

I think the drop out rate looks OK for the simple reason that the state schools have a failure rate of 20% taken across the whole school population ranging from the very bright and disciplined to the poor at the other end.

However, this SC was set up to take those pupils from the bottom or disadvantaged end of the range and has a failure rate of 24%, ie.. that's 24% of those who were either failing or in danger of failing. A 76% success rate (so far) amongst this group looks pretty good to me.


The Veteran said...

JC ... agreed.

Chris said...

Good article on Whaleoil this morning about this school, with a reply to Ms Delehunty from their CEO.
As soon as the students at this school achieve what they have enrolled for, they are able to leave for jobs or other training, and even accepted into the Army. It is not like a normal school where you have to stay till the end of the year.