Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gee Whiz, That's Gotta Be Better

In over thirty years of priceless promotion of NZ as an adrenaline producing  Tourist destination without a single fatality, the Speights Coast to Coast is under serious threat from a "Work Safe" requirement for all competitors doing the Kayak stage to have a certificate of competence that will cost upwards of $5k each.

Now there is no similar requirement for TV gamers who will still be allowed to kill kids without any impediment but some numpty in a shiney seat at a desk in Wellington will put impossible hurdles in place to prevent deaths that as yet have never happened.

Sadly a fisherman is missing presumed drowned in the North after his inflatable was flipped by a wave, yet he did not have to have a certificate.

FFS Mr Key and your bunch of killjoy enablers get your coats off and sort out the total morons who without any reference to common sense are ripping the guts out of "can do" citizens who have made this country great.


The Veteran said...

GD ... I have to say that anyone attempting to kayak through rapids without the requisite experience is probably asking for trouble.

Not sure where your $5k comes from. Canterbury Kayaking runs a Grade 2 Certificate course for $799 (four full days with nights 2&3 spent away).

Additionally competitors with proof of requisite experience can request an exemption from having to have a Grade 2 Certificate.

Chris said...

Kayakers in this event have always had to have a grade 2 white water certificate, so nothing is changing except the price they will have to pay to get it.
if the price goes up too much it will put of the average fit kiwi from entering events like this for a bit of fun, as the entry fee last year was over $1000.