Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gee That Is Relevant, NOT

Under a headline "MP Shot Brother" The good old Dom Post drags up a story from c1980 about a teenager committing a basic error in firearm safety  by climbing over a gate with a loaded weapon.
A slip, the shotgun discharges and the teenagers brother is shot in the calf.

A very basic and stupid error that all too often ends in a fatality, however this one ended with a saved lower leg and serious scarring.

But that was not the point, this is all about a National MP "shooting his brother", add in a reference to attending what some tall poppy choppers see as an "elite school" as in Wanganui Collegiate, some outstanding military and sporting achievements and it becomes a regurgitated hit job based on a stupid error over 35 years ago by a teenager who was extremely careless and as it turned out very lucky.

Gee that is concentrating on the important news eh.
Wait until Andrew Bayley rises to a more prominent role following his election to the seat of Hunua and the dopey thicko masquerading as a journalist will be able to do it all again.

Cant you just see the headline "New Minister, a gunman who failed to kill".


Chris said...

You would think from the headline that the shooting took place yesterday.
What is the point in dredging this up after 35 years?
Obviously the MSM have no real news to "report" on.
To me this guy is the sort of person we need as an MP. Some real life and business skills which are sorely lacking on the other side.

Jamie said...

Here here Gravedodger,
Off to war tomorrow but ya wouldn't know if ya got your news from the MSM

Jamie said...

Can you say Banana Republic

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There there, Jamie!

Jamie said...

Quit bustin my balls, all you lot seem to ever do these...

Marc said...

On Saturday 1 Nov a 'Press' senior writer Martin van Beynen, wrote an opinion piece about why he thinks journalists are "under fire." Remarks such as "Journalists are increasingly under vicious attack from all directions" and "People seem to have no qualms about posting insulting remarks on news websites or sending offensive and anonymous emails to reporters just doing their jobs."

I hope Mr van Beynen is doing a massive facepalm today. It is this sort of tabloid tat that his organisation obviously condones which explains why so many of his colleagues seem determined to write their own redundancy cheques.

I believe Mr van Beynen is in fact one of the more credible of his profession, however, when you are surrounded by cretins such as the author and editor of today's piece, then it is time to move on Martin and save your dignity, or what's left of it.

alwyn said...

This isn't the only one. About a week ago they had as their front page story a 27 year old conviction for drunk driving relating to another National MP, Michael Woodhouse. The editor has presumably assigned a reporter to dig out anything at all they can find about the National MPs. Why am I not surprised?

Actually I gather that they have a story about John Key. He is supposed to have taken a little girl's crayon when they were at Kindergarten. Key was 3 and a half at the time. He tried to bribe her with a chocolate when he was caught. The girl was totally traumatised they claim. Clearly they will be demanding that he resign and that he must be prosecuted for sexual harassment.
Alright I made it up but such a story wouldn't surprise me if the crappy paper in Wellington ran it.

Anonymous said...

There could be a kiddy fiddler in nationals ranks