Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Forget The Escape,

The Judge got it very wrong in 1996.
Kiddy fiddling, Murder the father of his victim, Kidnap the Mother and the victim to deny any chance of help for the father bleeding out.
Didn't Preventative Detention exist then.
Of course it did but the soft cock Judge wanted to save him.
Why not lock the C*^t up and then work out if there was anything to save.

Why are so many dumbarses making a fuss about his absconding from pre-release 72 hour away from the poky, an entirely  justifiable  program if we are going to let bastards such as Smith/Traynor return to the Community.

Just as that Judge got it wrong in 1996, wait until an equally softcock judge gives a lighter sentence to some equally reprehensible bastard to avoid Garrett's Law, and another tragedy unfolds.

Any offender capable of what Smith/Traynor delivered has lost any chance to ever be free again, and that judge could have arranged that outcome.


Jamie said...

"Why are so many dumbarses making a fuss about his absconding"Gravedodger

You are kidding right???

How many other scumbags like traynor are there being let loose on the New Zealand Public???

What about our international reputation...

How about naming and shaming the judge and all those responsible for this???

I can keep going but how about that for starters...

My support goes to the Victims Family,
Word ain't enough...

Jamie said...

Oh the government has cancelled his passport...