Sunday, November 2, 2014

Didn't work then, wont work now.

God there are some educated thickos out there in never never land.

Sir Roger Douglas did what needed to be done to turn the ship away from the rocks.
He was so successful that the cloth cap, rainbow, feminazi party saw their duty to not just disown him while changing absolutely zero of his bold moves but to continue digging his grave thirty years later and last I heard he was still nowhere near needing it.

Ruth Richardson set out to wean some of the more damaged off welfare only to be cut off at the Knees by here own party.

Now successive brain damaged souls decline to work out that hard  left does not cut the mustard c2014.
Even more alarming there are an equal number of the hard right who wish John Key to be gone.

Politics is almost always the control of the center and to think the treasury benches will come to a philosophy that embraces either of the extremes is just bloody dreaming and with MMP it is even more unlikely.

Post WW2 while the Iron Curtain was being strengthened and many  Nations were wrestling with hard left and communist parties, union muscle was a major weapon in the hands of the street troops.
1949  New Zealand under Holland and the National party won  in 1949 46 seats to Labour 34, sounds safe but it was a lot closer than that with the Popular vote only 50 000 out of a million plus votes.
The percentages were 52 Nat and 47 Lab
Two years later after Holland had taken the unions head on he only increased the 49 result to 50  to 30 in seats and the popular vote increased to a 70 000 lead and what was called a landslide only ended with 54% to 46%.
A MMP result on those figures would have had Labour only 6 seats behind.

In 1951 Holland and the Nats had Labour on the ropes and apart from a three year hiatus with Walter Nash governed from 1949 until 1972 when Kirk won in another Landslide 55 seats to 32 but with only 48% of the popular vote.

To retain the treasury benches, MMP makes the wishes of the shills for the extremes of the spectrum so bloody inane.
There is much about the current PM's efforts I have considerable angst with but he is smart enough to see that is where the keys to the 'beemers' are kept and my politics would result in the hydra being handed the keys to that cupboard.

MMP was inflicted on West Germany by the victors to prevent a government with a very strong mandate being elected and coalition is the result with all the handbrake effects we see c2014.
In the last months of the 50th parliament after Banks was forced from office, the recently passed tinkering with workplace rules had to be shelved when "Possumhead" lost his bottle.
The useless little bastard found it again last week when it didn't matter.

That is the reality folks, progress will be very slow, how much more evidence is needed for proof.
Steffan Browning would have barely retained his deposit in 1951 now the bastard is sitting there on our coin for the next three years.

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Jamie said...

Before my time so will have to take your word for it...

New Zealand Debt Clock
NZ$ 93,002,742,592

Someone tell me how we gonna turn the ship away from these rocks...