Sunday, November 30, 2014

Controlling The Language, Framing The Debate.

When Clare Curran came to the national, actually Labour, political scene like a meteor, it was largely on the back of a paper she presented to a party talkfest on how Labour had to  control  the Message.
Now that lump of cold remnant rock lies on Labour's table as the MP for Dunedin South and is as active as any other remnant from outer space when cooled but what she wrote had resonance then and always will.

There is a concerted and co-ordinated effort currently,  to paint the Key Administration as 'arrogant' as that is a fairly predictable descriptive for any government and allows a passably valid reason to dump them from office. Very easy to claim and requires no evidence as the mere act of governing can be titled 'arrogant'.
Labour enjoying the privilege of an angry little man thrust upon them as leader by the union rump, are now being described as fresh, ambitious and taking the 'fight' to the government under the very forceful and shouty actions of their new 'man' who learnt his tradecraft in successive union meetings where such activity is the only game in town.
Too bad it is just noise and delivered in the absence of any dissent, has no validity and is predicated on all out attack with no content offering any solutions .

The "new offensive" is clearly co-ordinated by faceless people as the Melons and the pinstripe dwarf's menagerie have all bought into it.

Ignore if you will that Key has retired almost half the bunch who inhabited the opposition benches over six  years ago, forget any international lauding of the path back from the GFC, forget the awesome expansion of the country's trading opportunities,  omit any reference to the visible raising of our country in the eyes of the international community and just don't recognise the almost impossible fact that the government was re-elected with an almost impossible govern alone plurality just over two months ago under our MMP illegitimate abortion that is supposed to prevent that ever happening.
All  achieved in the face of possibly the most concentrated and planned assault on our democracy ever.

So now the vein popping leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition and his scurrilous little coven of craven nonentities are all singing from the arrogant song sheet, songs variously called: Attack bloggers, Dirty politics, Texting the  most toxic man in the nation, Rushing freedom curtailing legislation through the parliament, Trampling privacy, Ignoring sage advice from half wits, Politicising the public service, Talking up a non existent recovery, Putting all our eggs in one milk tanker, oh and the closing number sung by old blue eyes aka Little Angry Andy  "They are Arrogant".

This folks is Goebbels 101 propaganda, tell a lie for long enough and it will become the truth.

Matt McCarten the wonderfully successful election strategist is still embedded in the LoO office on the Taxpayers coin, and his sticky, if somewhat discredited fingers are all over this.
So demonising possibly the highest profile political figure bar none outside the parliament, and that field includes all the old hacks who inhabit the press gallery, will continue while Armstrong, Soper, O'Sullivan, Dann, Gower, Garner, Bradford, Smalley, (cricky what a bunch of nobodies) only dream about Slaters profile and rating stats,  will continue pretty much like weather, more every day just different.

Folks you aint seen nuthin yet.


Chris said...

Listen to Newstalk ZB every morning. Unfortunately this morning Mikes off again and Susan Wood was standing in. I used to think she was a balanced journalist but not now.
She interviewed the PM and it was mostly all about his relationship with Cam.
I said to my wife why do the news media keep going on about Cam to all and sundry. If they hate him that much surely the best approach would be for the media and politicians to completely ignore him and not mention his name. Then like a naughty child throwing a tantrum, when ignored, they could get on and report the stuff that really mattered to the country.
It was interesting that Wood did read out some texts from listeners about her interview and on the whole they said why did she keep going on about Cam?

gravedodger said...

@ Chris after enduring the 40 odd minutes of Smelly decrying why Louise Upston isn't a hairy sweaty armpit so ugly as to threaten a video camera zoom, when Wood arrived at 0600 I reached for the off button on the wireless as a preservation gambit for both the wireless and myself.
Bloody Hosking heading to Melbourne for his Xmas shopping no responsibility there, bastard.