Friday, November 28, 2014

Banks Conviction Overturned.

Press conference at 1500 hrs.


The Veteran said...

Not overly surprising. Once the evidence from the two US businessmen who attended the luncheon was in play it was pretty much a given that the Court would order a new trial in order for that evidence to be tested against everything else.

What has changed though is that Crim Dotcons credibility has been bought into question over the 'Moment of Trust' fiasco. He failed to produce the goods there and so the question to be asked is ... how much was he prepared to manufacture the goods in this case in order to wreak vengeance on John Banks?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lots and lots!

Paulus said...

Well done to Amanda Banks for the work she did to find the two Americans and get their affidavits before the Courts.
From friends I understand that she was totally devastated to be called liar by the Judge, in favour of the Dotcrims.
Hope perjury action will be taken by the Police against the Dotcrims, although I do not expect the case to proceed, but that may not stop the perjury cases.