Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Arrogant My Arse.

Calling a clear thinking, open, decisive, intelligent man such as John Key, arrogant, merely displays desperation,  helplessness and demonstrates the dearth of original thinking held by an increasingly inept opposition.

Norman, Peters and Little behaved like children at a lolly scramble when they demanded of Speaker Carter the timing of their request for a debate on the SIS report from Ms Gwynn.
Norman at 10 06, Peters at 10 08 and Little at 10 08.5.

Watchers of Parliament were then left watching a clod fight as one after the other they threw mud and failed spectacularly to land a hit.
Norman with hyperbolic faux outrage, Peters with a typically mumbling diatribe that was so humorous when viewed against the multiple shennanigins displayed in his long history of failing to ever reveal his many contretemps,  and then a vein popping angry OTT display by Little in his first opportunity to display fitness as  a potential Prime Minister.

Of course it is so easy to call the PM arrogant, just doing his job will create such opportunity and of course he had more pressing business while the charade unfolded, it was just running the country.

Is it time ti limit the number of questions as a means of terminating the sad inane openings, does whoever "stand by their statements/position and has the minister seen any reports with the bonus of removing the overt politics in questions. say a primary and one or at the most two supplementaries.

As for arrogant,  this government is the most transparent ever and imo Key says far too much, that comes from confidence not arrogance.

ps the most telling moment of Q Time was a clearly incensed Findlayson giving the larger woman cloths horse her beans for her pathetic efforts with Q 10.

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pdm said...

When it comes to arrogant Prime Ministers Clark reached lows that were never before and are unlikely to be attained by any future PM.

Not even the unlikeable Muldoon in his latter years got close to her.