Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Didn't You Have A Go Yer Mug?

In a contest that could have been scripted by writers of Monty Python or the Goon Show, the latest twist has that Princess of Maoridom, well the Waikato mob anyway,  put her name in the raffle to be the next clown on stage.

Accepting that The Dental Nurse might be a little long in the tooth why oh why didn't Damian have a shot at the job.
Catholic, tick
Businessman, tick
White, tick
Heterosexual, tick
Electorally successful well apart from a couple of aberrations, tick
Age mid 50s, tick
Worked out of the beltway, tick
Sports minded, tick
Out spoken, tick
Loyal, tick

Oh hang on they are negatives, sorry Damian but it was your turn.

1 comment:

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Oh surely not.
Is it the morning of April 1st already?