Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Will The Fog Lift?

As the election heated up Mr c having finally reached his pinnacle, or did he overextend, told the Caucus they could meet in a dunny down the corridor or was it a broom cupboard, as the Taxpayer funded Caucus Room was to become the "war room".

Then following the decamping of CoS Wendy Brandon in February "for health reasons" a few days later Mr c installs Peter Pan aka Matt McCarten as his Chief of Staff, there by placing his choice of Campaign Manager on the Parliamentary payroll.

I erroneously thought that Political Parties were to fund their "election costs" from Party funds and as this country does not have a system of taxpayer funding for campaigns the demarcation was relatively clear, apart from the total rort that TV advertising funding entails.
Apparently not for a cash strapped NZLP who with a tits for hands president and a boofhead rainbow faction  general secretary with minimal abilities for fundraising,  Mr c's moves were Manna, not to be confused with what Hadfield was converting to his now well funded by the Kraut overstayer TTT campaign.
The  costs to be covered by Parliamentary services to enable communications and services  for elected MPs to assist constituents and perform their constitutional duties,  were placed at the disposal of the election campaign high command center in the new guise of "The War Room".
As Baldrick to Mr c's Blackadder, Matty the supremo election strategist comparable only to buffoon Martyn Martin Bradbury in ability, Matt McC  set out on what could only be fairly described as the road to disaster.
Gaffe on gaffe mixed with flipflops that would have made a jandal factory celebrate, what unfolded was possibly the most expensive for Joe and Josephine Taxpayer, electoral disaster since for ever.

Add in the now largely sidelined and only dealing with the legal minutiae, Frazer House bunch who became increasingly irrelevant and in the harsh reality of serious cashflow problems an entirely understandable seat on a dunces stool.

So how much taxpayer dosh was converted to election costs,
Will an incompetent MSM even bother to try and discover,
Is McCarten and his election staff still being funded and for what,
When will "tits for hands" Coatsworth get her DCM.
Will choirboy Barnett ever accept he is as useful as a four gallon tin of benzine for a fire extinguisher,
I did note somewhere the little league Caucus have been 'allowed' back into their dugout but not a dickybird about what was spent, by whom and how much.

Now the Candidates for "Clown School" are not going to be doing what the demented segment of the electorate supported them to do and perform any of the duties of "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition",
nah they will be crisscrossing the nation on our tab trying to convince the deluded they are the one saviour of the once great NZLP.
Meanwhile the one true Messiah sits to the sidelines plotting his triumphant ride to his rightful place on the  throne when whoever is chosen next, runs out of gas.
Oh for some Hacked emails  or even a few inspired "leaks" to cast light on what is really going on, Sunlight just doesn't seem to cut it.
The long suffering coerced funder can rest in the luxury that it is all clean and above board.

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