Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whats With The Fish n Chips?

Why not I milked a cow or I shoveled premix or even I had a paper round?

The second recent Labour Orphan  claiming "working in a fish n chip shop" as a mark of relevance to actually having had a 'real job' as a booster in a leadership contest.

Mr c evidently included in his CV working in a fast food outlet in Pleasant Point and now Miss Cover Girl for Orthodontic Correction Monthly is making similar claims elsewhere.

Had either of those two dreamers actually fronted up to a lending institution, borrowed fifty stacks  and taken a rundown fast food opportunity from bankruptcy to a turnover that provided a living, paid the tax, given a sale price to repay the borrowings and leave a deposit on a house after a couple of years hard graft, such inanity might be relevant.
A couple of shifts flipping burger patties or smiling while collecting orders and money for the minimum wage does not an entry on a CV make.

Sheesh I spent hours as a wool handler in woolsheds in my teenage years, I dont claim to be a wool broker. On our first farm where borrowings were eye watering and milking a few cows provided our living expenses, that did not make me a "Dairy farmer"!

Maybe the Paper round is a little discounted these days but for gawds sake, working in fast food, had it been in Maccas or KFC and risen to shift manager then it might actually mean something, but Pleasant Point flipping burgers to provide a feed for rich pricks heading to or from Fox's peak or Mt Dobson?


Jamie said...


A bad day at work for these bums would be a chipped nail.

Labour ain't even a Labourers asshole anymore.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Didn't she work in Clarke's office?

They must have had the same dentist.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't get it does she. Shades of Cunliffe here. mara

Edward the Confessor said...

"Didn't she work in Clarke's (sic) office?

They must have had the same dentist."

More evidence, if any was needed, of the intellectual and moral superiority of the right. Can't get its facts or even its spelling correct. Sure got nasty down pat though.