Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Matters is Not If They Lose but How They Lose.

A couple of twisted tortured souls at Farrar's place attempt their ongoing booting the AB's in the groin as if their arrant rubbish has any merit at all. I wonder if either of the perennial dribblers have ever even held a rugby ball? Longknives and Big Bruv more like Shortshanks and Big Blouse.

Last night in the Cauldron that is Ellis Park, a 22 match unbeaten run ended for a AB team that lost valiantly.
Quick to pay well earned credit to a Spring Bok team on their game,  were Skipper McCaw and AB coach Hansen.

To lose graciously by two after turning down Three second half Penalty kicks for goal was a loss but the way they fought back after being behind at Half time was creditable.

The Penalty against Messam was rather less than clear cut after numerous efforts by Vermulen and Coetzee went completely un-noticed however that kick by Patrick Lambie was well and truly taken with aplomb.

Having seemed to have moved onto an attack based game from the mindset  tactics that Morne Steyn lynchpinned, the Boks are a far more formidable outfit. That young pivot Handre Pollard is a very good ball player.

I will again make a plea for the rules and their interpretation to be as harsh as Wayne Barnes was on Messam. Heads need more protection, hips, knees, ankles can be rebuilt but heads are sort of a one off.
Dealing with a neurological condition in one I love dearly brings that salient fact to notice for me  every waking hour.
Things happen and rugby is a game of contact but the ABs have had Moody, Conrad Smith and Thrush Concussed this morning and Retallick sent home after the Argentine test last week, that's just four head knocks we know about.

Talking Argentine Rugby, they pipped the Wallabies today for their first home championship win.
Again reckless play saw Nigel Owen working the Yellow Card and if Michael Hooper thinks he was hard done by he needs taking out side and given a head knock all of his own.
Turning your back and attacking a kicker's head, landing sitting on his scone is appalling enough and just because MH missed it,  he managed to knock the ARGY 10 down heavily and then put his foot on the crown jewels for good measure.
It was the Argentine 15 who was attacked by Hooper.

Hey chaps and chapesses if it keeps knocking brains to pulp we will end up  with all talented ball players playing football and rugby, the game so many love will wither.

So that was a loss, the ABs would be better placed with it, the 22 unbeaten is gone, they lost fighting and close and a fact lost on most, had they missed the four try bonus last week that loss within seven would have still won the Championship at Ellis Park or was that Alice Pork.

All hypothetical I know but they lost strong and that was good.

Roll on Brisbane in a fortnight.


pdm said...

As you say GD it was a good game of rugby and the Yarpies were well worth their win. The AB's were not allowed into the game for the first 30 minutes or so and were always playing catch up. Which they did very well for45 of the last 50 minutes.

Pollard was outstanding on his feet and no doubt will get better - which is a concern for the 2015 RWC. With Lambie as back up they are well served at 10. Their problem may be a half back to serve them as Fourie du Preez and Pienaar are getting on and Hougard did not look the answer today. They will always have big strong forwards and I have always rated de Villiers in the mid field.

Now for the AB's - Retalllick left a big hole, Thrush is a tradesman at best and Luatua actually looked a better option when he came on. Fekitoa was again outstanding at 12 and with Crotty is now putting pressure on the long time midfield pairing of Smith and Nonu. Both Crotty and Fekitoa are superior positional players to Nonu and neither give away silly penalties like he does, although he has been better this year. With SBW back and rumours of Kahui returning the AB's are going to be well served at 12 and 13.

Israel Dagg had his worst game for a few weeks and play did not run for either Ben Smith or Savea.

BTW time for Andy Ellis to be recalled at halfback - he is the only one close to Aaron Smith and it is time to give away experimenting with both Kerr Barlow and Perenara. One has to go and I would stick with Kerr Barlow next year.

Jamie said...

Apologies for being off-topic here.

This ebola outbreak is getting out of control.
The borders need to be closed ASAP.
Failure to act could be fatal for all.
PLEASE Someone needs to step up and be counted.
PLEASE Someone needs to sound off.

Angry Tory said...

What matters is that the ABs win.

What matters is that Labour loses - and Key finally stomp's em hard while they are down (deregistering their union funders; passing an anti-corruption law; supporting McVicar next time around against Nash)
to ensure NZ never has to put up with Labour again.