Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What About The Important Stuff?

Caught very little of the real world yesterday but did see snippets of Question 1 "To the Prime Minister" from the pretender.

Now we are as a nation considering our possible involvement in the belated international response to the radical islamist inspired action to create a Caliphate across northern Syria and Iraq.
We are addressing insufficiency of benefit availability to children of dropkick parents.
We are commencing a new term of our legislature that will in around twelve/eighteen  months time go into moth balls as the 2017 election becomes the biggest thing on the political Radar.
We have a government with a large bunch of newbies in the firing line.
We have a serious decline in the international price of our dominant export commodity.
We have a threat to our involvement in the TPP negotiations as the US and Japan try to make a deal in the lobby.
We have at long last a tinkering around some of the more inane rules in the national workplace.

What does the whiney XXXX Ginga think is worthy of the leadout for the only real opportunity for any opposition to make an impact, none of the above.
Nope the pretender to the leadership of Her Majesties "Loyal" opposition sets out on a fruitless path to regurgitate what the electorate overwhelmingly tossed into the garbage bin on Sept 20th.

Oi you useless troughing POS nobody is listening any more to the scurrilous innuendo Hagar tried to use to derail the Re-election of Key's Government.

Who anyone talks to in efforts to understand what is happening and what needs to be circulated to promote their agenda is of no consequence, that is why Cabinet and so much evidence in the courts is "privileged".
If we could access  the personal and private exchanges of anyone in government, local/national, right/left, labour/National or even the rabble fighting over the 25% left over from the two main parties it would be merely interesting, possible titillating and even, as with Slaters stolen data possibly damaging, when selectively released in isolation.

However as the subject of Question one of the most public and central option for the opposition to be trying to call the government to account it was just more excrement into the settling pond.

If that is what is important to you then could I suggest you hand in your seat to Mr Speaker and head back to the rock in Queensland you crawled out from under, as you have yet again proved what a useless impotent innocuous total waste of resources you actually are.


Jamie said...

Here Here!!!

Well said Gravedodger!!!

If I might add my 5 cents worth...


Call me paranoid but I'm sure the four hoursemen are riding...

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Yep. The Nats are addressing all of the important stuff alright.

The $23m flag change for example

gravedodger said...

@ Ghost and if we had a half arsed opposition they would be raising it in question time and not chasing shadows.