Saturday, October 11, 2014


The news that the search for little Jack Dixon has now been officially abandoned will have been devastating for the family.   Our collective hearts go out to them.   There is hope that in due course the sea will give up what it took ... Jack needs to come home.

Much that same for the Pike River families but that is complicated by the fact that lives cannot be put at serious risk in trying to retrieve the bodies.     Pike River was an unmitigated disaster with many factors in play.    We can understand the very real frustration of the families but that frustration should not and cannot be the driver in any decision to re-enter the mine.

Two tragedies.    30 grieving families.    My/our thoughts are with them  

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Anonymous said...

I heard this morning at the Mount that there is a move to rename the beach "Jack's Beach".
Great idea in his memory, if the owners of Mauao allow it of course.