Monday, October 20, 2014

Two Has To Be Better Than One, Right?

One shallow political science graduate with zero exposure to or knowledge of  how the real world works might make it with good support structures.

Doubling the number of non achievers wont make that exposure deficit better no matter how it is spun.

It is difficult to understand how adding a marginally photogenic extra tit to an udder already carrying serious deficits around electability in the eyes of the wider electorate,

Grant Robertson failed totally when the subject of his rather unique domestic arrangements were exposed on national TV by Sopers squeeze in a cuddly, friendly, staged for publicity, promo,  at a rugby club rooms during the last leadership circus.
In reply to an innocent question that acknowledged Grants partner Alf, in a benign as possible environment, completely blew it out of the water as Alf photo bombed the scene by walking across the camera shot carrying a jug of beer.
The reply to du Plessis Allen's question, "where's Alf tonight?" Robertson calmly lied to camera " oh he couldn't be with us tonight".
Now call me old fashioned but for the person wishing to lead the still second largest party, that for nearly nine years has based almost its entire attack plan around "can John Key be trusted", that gaffe of clear dishonesty is a crevasse in a glacier.

Bringing a modestly photogenic tyro who also has never worked outside the glasshouse to bolster a campaign that is already overloaded with doubt as to suitability on so many fronts, only adds to the  charade as Candidate Robbo attempts to sell his significantly improved physical presence to the converted of the Caucus, Party and the Union Rump in a rather expensive exercise using significant taxpayer cost subsidy.

Sorry two is no better than one, it only adds to the whole.
Of course that whole glossy promo ignores the salient fact that as a candidate for Deputy leader, 'Robbo' only has a single vote in the caucus that will decide if his equally shallow "Running Mate" gets elected.
Looked good on state TV though.


Jamie said...

Bollocks!!!These punk-candy-asses haven't even worked a day on the docks in their lives.


Tony Montana says "Orders? You're giving me orders? Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls, you got that? Balls."

Baxter said...

Well he's got the gaggle behind him and the Unions have endorsed Little,the Maoris should support their Princess, so Parker the con must be feeling lonely.

Barnsley Bill said...

Probably the clearest description I have seen summarising the electability of these two turkeys