Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trying To Make Sense Of It All?

It is not easy but I will make some observations from the pov of Joe Average.

Last February Cameron Slaters Whaleoilbeefhooked blogsite was taken down in a DDOS attack.
It is widely accepted there were many who delighted in that but nowhere near as many who were capable.

In the aftermath of that chaotic destructive effort someone or some persons, entered the wreckage and electronically removed the vast lode of email traffic that had accumulated in the whaleoil files.

Forward around six months and a published author with some form as a destructive selective revealer  of information acquired in somewhat dodgy circumstances, publishes a short story predicated on those stolen emails and selectively aimed at creating the National Party as the sole proprietor of "dirty politics".
Following the publication of his work the luvvies of the left and their fellow travelers saturated the Media in an allout attack on John Key and Judith Collins.
As the public became increasingly dismissive of yet another vain attempt by a Green Party supporter in a repeat performance, further revelations of as yet unpublished data from the trove stolen in the aftermath of the DDOS attack six months earlier,  were published by an unquestioning media as the product of a new player called Rawshark.

Again a public, increasingly turned off, largely ignored the garbage truck trundling past every day.

On his return from a planned trip to Israel,  Slater went to the police and laid a complaint.
Last Thursday the now rather compromised author had his residence turned over by five police over ten hours, under a search warrant seeking evidence as part of their investigation of Slater's complaint.

On the revelation of last weeks search we are this week enduring the ragtag army of the left already shellacked by a backlash very few saw coming, whining individually and sometimes in chorus about the attack on the innocent author/victim.

Clearly the almost certain illegal removal of data from Slaters compromised data base resulted in a moderately successful publication creating a financial reward for the publisher and the author.
The Author has made so many conflicting stories as to the ID of the original hacker and his relationship to whoever it was, as to not just muddy the waters but to almost fill the puddle with bullshit.
Then also, what was the relationship with Rawshark and who is he/she.

As a parallel campaign of obfuscation and pathetic justification  a few other unrelated incidents are employed by many, sympathetic to the now exposed as even more dodgy, author. Really just more bullshit.
Slater is in a legal contretemps with one Matthew Blomfield the somewhat sharp operator in the  allegedly predatory Hell Pizza Empire where Slater has possession of a hard drive from Blomfield's Computor. I have seen precious little evidence that that hard drive was stolen although the possession by the person who delivered it to The Whale seems to be  unresollved  as to legality.
The second and equally compromised allegation of Slater being in possession of "stolen files", relates to an incident where Jason Ede, a publicist from the PM's dept alerted Slater to the fact that the NZLP official website was wide open and sensitive information was unprotected. Slater apparently went there and copied data and subsequently alerted the Labour idiots their security was non existent. Afaik nothing has been published and the angst is all about the salient fact that a serious enemy has in his possession some rather sensitive data around IDs of donors and numbers.

So in summary Slater's current possession of a  hard drive from the system of Blomfield's is a bit like someone delivering a  bit of property to someone who has an interest, that has all the hallmarks of being entirely legal.
The information Slater accessed and removed from the public and open NZLP website, was as serious as an open book in a public library with information clearly on display. That he did not publish or otherwise use it and promptly advised the library owners of their vulnerability is a total  non starter as to illegal possession.

Otoh, a person known to make profit from valuables stolen by a third party, discovering the identity of the driver of the truck that wrecked the mailbox containing all Slater's emails, making contact and doing a deal to share the spoils by selecting the material that supported his dream of destroying an opposition political aspirant and making a tidy profit in the process, is to be pitied now the Police is just doing their job they are paid to do.


Angry Tory said...

Hager & Rawshark are terrorists, plain & simple.

Helen would've sent in the STG with instructions not to fuck up like they did with Taame & Dotcom.

And the next day we could be sure they're be no more surprise relegations from that quarter disrupting elections ever again.

lprent said...

So what you are saying is that Cameron Slater:-

1. doesn't make money off his website. Surely the advertising on the site suggest otherwise.

2. Wasn't paid to attack Blomfield as he was paid to attack so many others.

I suspect that all you have proved is that either your morals are somewhat suspect, or your ability to think is impaired.

Either way you knowledge of the law is quite flawed.

Lets be charitable and state that hopefully your medical condition is not age related.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Good Grief, GD. You've flushed out the Labour party/Union funded Standard blog attack dog.

If I was he I would be very careful with allegations made in public about who might or might not have paid Mr Slater.

Of course all the people who post at The Standard are unpaid altruistic starry eyed volunteers. Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Simply arguing that Cameron Slater is somehow morally equivalent to Hagar doesn't justify Hagar's actions.
It then simply boils down to 'they did it as well, so that makes it alright'

Stealing private information is not acceptable.

B Whitehead

Psycho Milt said...

It indeed can't have been easy to come up with this convoluted sophistry.

Here's the simpler version: Hager and Slater have both published stories based on stolen private information. There's nothing in either case to suggest they stole the private information themselves, and both claim the journalist's privilege to publish stories that are in the public interest. Both are witnesses, not suspects.

In Hager's case, the police have sent multiple officers to spent hours turning a witness's house upside down and taking a whole lot of his family's stuff. The only plausible reason they've taken such an unusual step is that Hager's story embarrassed the government - as a reason for getting harrassed by the police, that ought to raise alarm bells even among National's more confused supporters.

gravedodger said...

Milt what exactly has Slater published from "stolen" emails, to me that has no basis in the facts as I understand them.
Is it possible you and others are conflating illegal with unethical, whatever, it is all an integral part of dirty politics and pulease dont continue the myth only the Nats do that.

The police having decided Slaters complaint requires investigating what else exactly were their options to seek to resolve that decision.

I have an acquaintance who when I was living in the NI made some revealing basics around probable errors made by criminals in commission of a crime. He was in Police HQ and suggested that every criminal from a dumbarse opportunist to a very smart bastard would make on average 9 mistakes that if gathered under the rules of evidence would lead to prosecution.

Barlow keeping that tip receipt was a classic leading to a reasonably specific place to search for the gunparts.
Just imagine the elation when they found the bit of paper on the floor of his car and then the dumped gun parts in tonnes of garbage. The disabled compactor was a bonus.

Psycho Milt said...

Re Slater, there's plenty of info available about the Blomfield case, I suggest you read some of it.

Re Hager, you seem to be imagining he's committed some offence and the police are investigating him for it. He hasn't, and they aren't.

gravedodger said...

That the hard drive was delivered to Slater by someone in the Blomfield camp and the legality of their possession is still not resolved, I hardly think stolen is yet appropriate as a description.

Yes Hagar is being described as a person with potential relevant evidence of the stealing of Slater's email data base.
However the bragging and self promotion of Hagar and his links to the source along with Rawshark has delivered some interesting convoluted hearsay evidence pertaining to the case being investigated following Slater's police complaint
Oddly sometimes material witnesses become persons charged with offenses, sort of shit happens if you like.

Psycho Milt said...

Blomfield says the data Slater used was stolen from him, Slater says the data Hager used was stolen from him. The only difference here is that Slater is a tool of the government while Hager embarrassed it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Murdoch media used hacked personal correspondence - it was a criminal offence, for which Andy Coulson has been imprisoned for 18 months.
So why shouldn't Nicky Hagar be subject to the same standards?

Just because Nicky Hagar is a hero of the left does not make what he has done any less of an offence than what Andy Coulson did.