Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Fatty and Skinny Party

Remember all those Fatty and Skinny jokes from primary school?

'Fatty and Skinny went for a walk.....' or 'Fatty and Skinny had a bath....'

At least one of those childish ditties survived and it is called The Greens Party - led, of course, by Fatty and Skinny.   There is a most prescient comment over at Farrar's place this morning.

  1. Chris2 (763 comments) says:
    I am intrigued that given the Greens poor performance at the election that the media have not discussed the issue of the Greens leadership.
    Norman has been a co-leader for about eight years, and Turei for about five years. They have been through two elections and right now they have failed to gain the 15% vote they claimed they would get.
    Shouldn’t their leadership be up for scrutiny too, just as Labour’s is?
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Personally, I suspect their abysmal vote this time round could be laid at the feet of DotKrim.  However, it WAS Russel Norman who visited the fat fraudster.

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