Tuesday, October 7, 2014

That is a question for someone else.

Hadfield has applied for a judicial recount in Te Tai Tokerau disputing disallowed votes around 1000 in number.

The Electoral Commission declared the final result last Saturday for election 2014. Kelvin Davis winner by 769 votes.

If Mana win in court what happens to the so far vanquished Ms Harre from the Internet Party.

Have divorce proceedings been initiated.

Will Ms Sykes accompany a victorious John Hadfield.

How does this rate on Farrar's what if post.

Rumor has it someone else passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Gee that MMP is a tease eh


alwyn said...

I believe that the make-up of Parliament is determined by the results declared on Saturday. I Hone was to win he would go into Parliament but not Laila Harre. Labour would lose one of their quota of seats.
The more interesting case would have been if Hone had won, Davis had appealed and Davis had won the appeal. That would have left IMP with just Harre as an MP and the Labour party would end up with one more than their quota. I believe the principle is that there must be certainty and you cannot keep making huge changes to the composition of Parliament right through the next term.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It will be poetic justice if after the recount Mr Davis comes away with an increased margin.

alwyn said...

I think, after having another look at the electoral act that the date I have proposed for finality is wrong. Writs will not be issued if any candidate has requested a recount of the vote so we do not yet have a final result for the electorate. The time constraints for requesting, and carrying out, a recount are very strict so it should be over in a week or ten days.
It is the later option of electoral petitions that only affect the particular persons and not the entitlement of parties to be in Parliament.

The Veteran said...

Seems like the 'bugga' won't lie down. Does anyone have a wooden stake handy?

As I understand it Mana are crying fowl over the disqualification of votes cast by people who hadn't bothered to enroll ... their thesis being that such action discriminates against Maori who should be exempt from such 'bureaucratic' nonsense.

Spare me please ... now, where's that stake.