Sunday, October 12, 2014

Southland Brought A New Trick to Ranfurly Shield Rugby

Yep - Southland brought their own referee to McLean Park for last nights challenge and it almost paid dividends for them. I was at the game and it became obvious after about twenty minutes that the ref was born and bred and learned his refereeing (such as it was) in places like Tapanui, Riverton or Mataura. I do not know what the final penalty count was but it had to be at least 15 to Southland and maybe 3 to Hawkes Bay - which included the advantage which yielded the final dropped goal for the draw. My son-in-law and I watched from the stand in disbelief through the match as Southland players were allowed to get away with things that Hawkes Bay players were penalised for. Still when the Ranfurly Shield is at stake a draw is a win for the holders and we will take it - Hawkes Bay supporters are good sports in that way when it favours us.


gravedodger said...

LOL pdm, I wondered aloud to swmbo if someone had texted Mike Frazer at the half time break in New Plymouth.
Suddenly after the break he started noticing how the Naki and other teams recently incidentally, were denying the Red and Blacks quick ball and turnover ball the foundation to their game by going off their feet at every ruck.

It is not a part of a referees job to even things up but it is difficult to depress cynicism at times.

pdm said...

A high level of inconsistency among refs generally these days GD. Most seem only ably to watch one team.

Still I don't envy them their job.

The Veteran said...

As an aside I have to say that this year I've enjoyed the ITM matches a hell of a lot more than Super Rugby.

Much more flair and generally much more exciting.

Random Punter said...

It seems to me that the rules of the game today, especially around rucks, scrums, and mauls, are so absurdly detailed and complicated that consistency of interpretation is impossible to achieve. I don't understand most of them, and many of the players don't seem to either. Who can blame them?

gravedodger said...

Agreed Ramdom, when is a tackle made? if a tackler is going to compete for the ball he must "release the carrier" and then compete so how often does the well tackled just go on forward when that release is made, often to great advantage.
Competing for the ball has seen some restoration at scrum and Lineout but at the tackle it is often a lottery and at times a stacked one.

pdm said...

Vet - agreed. I think that is because we identify with our home teams. Super rugby is a `mis mash' of players often with no relevance to the area they are supposedly representing.

The Hurricanes a prime example - I went off them when they focused on Wellington based players to the exclusion of often better player from Manawatu, Hawkes Bay and to a lesser extent Taranaki. Taranaki saw the light and got out of it by joining the Chiefs. I have said before Hawkes Bay should link with the Highlanders who have been more receptive to Hawkes Bay players than the Hurricanes have ever been.

Vet. I hope The Bay extract revenge on Northland on Friday night - at this stage I will be watching from Eketahuna.

The Veteran said...

pdm .... have you perchance just 'outed' yourself .... revealed as Alf Grumble - 'long serving and much-admired Member for Eketahuna North'.

pdm said...

No Vet - just visiting our only son and his family who are on a farm between Eketahuna and Alfredton. I think that makes it South East Eketahuna.

By the way if I was said Alf Gumble I would be a Bush or Wairarapa Bush supporter and they have disliked Hawkes Bay Rugby since the mid 1020's and The Battle Of Solway for the Shield.

gravedodger said...

Hang on to yer 'at while there pdm.
Was that 1020s or 1920s.