Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Talk, Some Do, Some Just Sit.


David Garrett has a guest Post at Farrar's on an upcoming marker for "his" 3s legislation.

A piece of shit who shall remain nameless here, is facing sentencing for an atrociously brutal assault ending in murder, on a pathetic homeless victim under the 3s law that Mr Garrett piloted through the parliament in the face of much opposition led by the pantywaist, now thankfully gone, softcock MoJ  Simon Power with input from Plughead and many others.

As it is his second strike this POS is facing life without parole in spite of his brief attempting to evade the 3s with a guilty plea to murder.

Many with a crim cuddling approach to sentencing will be hoping the judge avoids what I fervently see as "just deserts".
Merely reading the basic facts of the assault that led to the sad pathetic old man's last moments,  where it is alleged the badly beaten victim pleaded for POS to kill him to end it, should bring utter revulsion to any sane person and entirely extinguish any remnant feelings that any sentence be too harsh. Read here.

It must give David Garrett a sense of accomplishment that Justice Lang is considering the 3s ramifications and not letting his consideration be dominated by the BS banging on by the POS's brief, presentencing.

Forced from our parliament following revelations of a young mans stupid prank, Garrett suffers ongoing vilification for a stupid victimless act from many who will be siding with leniency for the thug, who had he had two more legs would now be a puff of smoke from an incinerator.

That said I am in no way resiling from my implacable opposition to the ultimate sanction.

You David Garrett did not just sit, you made a mark in months that outweighs efforts of others who have sat there for decades.


Angry Tory said...

hoping the judge avoids what I fervently see as "just deserts".

you mean the judge will put on his black cap?

The biggest fools in the last election were the National
voters in Napier who didn't switch to McVicar. Given the rest of the results, McVicar would have been justice minister, and yes we'd have hanging back by referendum at the next election.

The good news is: next time.

gravedodger said...

@Angry did you miss the bit about
"That said I am in no way resiling from my implacable opposition to the ultimate sanction."
I consider that ultimate sanction to be the death penalty.

IMHO Garratt's 3s will have a far greater deterent effect than any form of capital punishment as perps flirting with and then incurring that sanction delivered by 3s will have many people reminding them of what awaits.

The Veteran said...

Angry Tory ... the problem the Conservatives have in getting across the line is people like you being seen as their mouthpiece.

I do think National might be open to a deal in Napier but McVicar has to present more than a one trick pony.

But it would be the death knell (bad pun) for him to embrace your call to bring back hanging.