Friday, October 31, 2014

Open House

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PS   Today is Halloween.  Happy birthday Adolf.


Jamie said...

Hope your birthday gift wasn't ebola...
Here's hoping we are all around this time next year,
I got my fingers crossed but I ain't holding my breath...

Jamie said...

Here is a gift for you,
courtesy of the CDC/Hussein Obama...

It must be about time to blow the candles

Budgieboy said...

So I'm kind of interested, does anyone know the identity of Rawshark?

I usually manage to follow the clues around the web and figure this kind of stuff out but on this one I haven’t got a clue.

Seemingly it’s only an issue if John Key knows but the way the tom toms are beating it seems that a fair number of people know who it is? And in that I assume a good portion of the fourth estate know as well so I’m kind of intrigued as to why they wouldn’t be approaching that person for some kind of comment about rumours swirling etc. etc. - and at least looking for a denial. My hunch is that it’s not a good look for the left so they are leaving it for now.

Putting that aside - and I’m not wanting people to answer directly and put the good folk at NoMinister at risk – does anybody KNOW who it is?

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes, I believe I know who the hacker is, who enabled him and the list of key conspirators and wider group of helpers/supporters.

Or the info that was shared with me was complete bollocks.

I am 50/50 on it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What's the score with John Banks' appeal? I haven't seen anything since some of the evidence was reported on the day. When is a decision expcted?

Budgieboy said...

BB, I have every reason to believe you are way better connected than I and that your sourses are pretty damn good!!!

It will be pretty cool to see the (true) bottom of this story.

I will stay tuned as I think the proverbial sh#t is getting close to hitting the fan.

Adolf, judgement has been reserved, and I'm sure you know that means...'God knows when?'

And if it's really your birthday then Happy Birthday Mate!