Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Open House

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Budgieboy said...

John Banks heads back to court today to attempt to clear his name.

Wonder if any witnesses from the previous trail are feeling nervous?

Would/could a perjury charge be possible if Banks case is strong enough?

Could be big news but Stuff and NZ Herald websites don't seem too interested, funny that.

The Veteran said...

John Banks ... love him or hate him, he is an inherently decent man.

gravedodger said...

Banks was forced by a rather ordinary servant of our law to a position where his word and the word of his wife was devalued against the word of a pole dancer and a convicted criminal that Justice Wylie found more credible.

Today will test the brotherhood and their entrenched ability to struggle to find fault with each other but should that occur then Wylie's suitability to remain on the bench must come under scrutiny.

Yes Banks did sign an incorrect return but when measured against all the other electoral dodgyness over many years it seemed a rather political decision by Wylie.
Compare it to what it took to take Field down and his biggest crime was to threaten to stand against Clark's party in his fiefdom.

Barnsley Bill said...

Of course Banks knew where the money came from. The law is an ass, Len Brown knew where his donation from the German came from as well.
Sadly, the National party are useless fucktards when it comes to organising local body politics.
Len had the Labour machine doing everything for him so a nice little trust was established.
This should never have come to court, I hope he manages to get the conviction overturned. Not because he is innocent but because it should never have got this far

Anonymous said...

Comenting anonymously because I don't want to get the Pete Ban from whaleoil. But if you need to, you can call me handsome george.
On the topic of Banks. Almost.
I wonder if anybody has pointed out to Slater that his tantrum and petulance towards John Key over the last week or two is a case of him reacting to the hack and essentially becoming a meat puppet for Bomber Bradbury.
It is clear that all his contacts inside the tent have cut him off and he is throwing a lengthy tantrum. Add that to the fact that his latest witless enabler is making a dogs breakfast of moderation and I suspect we will see the numbers start to slide.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm still trying to figure out what the left have to gain by hammering John key over Slater, day after day after day.

JC said...


It appears National has done such a good job on the environmental front that there's nothing else for Russel to do.

I think we may have seen "Peak Green".


Anonymous said...

Adolf, they are attacking Key because he was the target all along.
They just attacked the weakest link, which in this case happened to be somebody who resembles the missing link.
It must hearten them to see Slater now going feral on Key.
Handsome George

Anonymous said...

previous trail are feeling nervous?WTF
BANKS is as guilty as shit and Budgieboy he could be on a TRAIL(WALKING) to prison, a stupid tosser

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Handsome George

Yes. Like Ernst Rohm, Mr Slater has served his useful purpose and has likewise been cut off . . a lesson that Judith Collins has learned, bitterly.

Budgieboy said...

Oh dear, corrected by an anonyMOUSE moron, how humbling.

And let's be clear, there's only one player in this little saga that's likely to do some time and it ain't John Banks.