Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Open House

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'll kick off today by asking:-

"When will someone ask a judge to declare Hagar is not a journalist?"

Hagar is no more a journalist than is Rodney Hide or Matt McCarten.

He does not regularly report news as do people like John Armstrong and Fran O'Sullivan. No he simply is a B grade author of scurrilous books which appear only during election campaigns.

tranquil said...

I agree with you Adolf.

He is not a journalist and so can not claim "journalist confidentiality" for his sources.

tranquil said...

Excellent column by Mark Steyn on his blog -

This comment by him really hits the spot for me -

"The price we're being asked to pay (for Islamic terrorism) is too high. I want to kill that ideology. It is an ideological Ebola, and we have got to eradicate it. And I'm not interested in more detectors and more rules and taking my shoes off and taking my underwear off and taking everything off and shuffling like a zombie through ever-longer security lines because we don't have the guts to deal with it."


Western countries should legally define Islam as exactly what it is - an ideology of hate that preaches and encourages hatred and violence to all those outside it.

Having passed such a law it could then be used to ban Muslim immigration, close Islamic schools and mosques in the West and ban the proselytising of Islam in the West.

There are only 3 options -

* Surrender to Islam (as we are doing now).

* Act as shown above.

* Fight in the streets.

Budgieboy said...

This is so true, he is so NOT a journalist and the fact that he’s screaming for his ‘journalistic privilege’ every 3 minutes tells me he’s a bit precious about it and probably knows it deep down himself.

If he was a right wing ‘author’ attacking left wing administrations (conveniently on the eve of an election) then the media in this country would have roasted him alive and he would be labelled a conspiracy theorist and totally marginalised as a political commentator.

Just think of Ian Wishart - who actually is a journalist and publishes a magazine - and how you normally hear him referenced? When did you ever see the main stream media cloaking Wishart in a righteous cloak of journalistic sanctimony. No chance, he doesn’t think the way Hagar does so he’s fair game.

Anonymous said...

Mark Steyn as usual hits the nail on the head.

Thanks to the feckless puppet in the White House, aided and abetted by gutless pc Western leaders, who refuse to even name our enemy.

If we don't come to our senses soon, then many Western countries will be as blood-soaked as the Middle East.

Mrs Danvers