Monday, October 20, 2014

Only in Todays World.

Around 2004 a man raised in the Seventh Day Adventist faith but having departed the church takes a job in antenna work with a contract to work Saturday.

Rolling on to 20011 and dear old 'Mark' returns to the faith of his youth that regards Saturday as the 'Sabbath'.
Now antenna installations have Saturday as the biggest day of the seven workwise for many reasons and Mark's employer made efforts to accommodate the renewed obligations Mark felt to his faith and gave him as much time as he thought reasonable as regards Saturday work.
Eventually the whole  scene became a little strained and the boss gave Mark the sack.

Now an enlightened legal environment around "Human Rights" has resulted in poor old oppressed 'Mark' awarded 40 000 dollars in compensation for the totally unreasonable actions of his employer.

Should that "antenna Installation"  company fold and it is not unreasonable assumption, will that same half arsed law make the poor bugger trying to make it work be forced to pay other workers compensation.

Is there a Small business protection Commission that has laws to protect citizens cut down by such daft rubbish.
Nope it is all about the workers rights.


Jamie said...

Reds under the beds???Wealth redistribution???Workers paradise???

"Is there a Small business protection Commission that has laws to protect citizens."

Young un-employed Returned Serviceman needs job to pay for next years school fees.

Tony Montana says "I kill a communist for fun, but for a 40 grand... I'm gonna carve him up real nice.

JC said...

So what happened to the ten year contract(s) that were cemented in place by ten years of Saturday work?

Unless the employee and employer formalised a change to the contract then the original stands.. thats how the Courts have always donged employers who changed working conditions to the disadvantage of employees.

The employer is only guilty of trying to accommodate the employee's desire to have Saturday off instead of sacking him immediately for breaking his contract.


baxter said...

The employer is going to appeal.Probably cost far more to do so and will be up against the same socialist mentality.

Barry said...

I think Lindsay Perigo was right when he used to call the Human Rights Commission the Human Wrongs Commissariat.