Thursday, October 2, 2014


I guess Karen Price (aka Tarn aka Mrs Cunliffe) is repenting at leisure over her tweets attacking the ABC brigade.    But she is absolutely right to single out Clayton Cosgrove, two times failed electorate candidate and Labour List MP, as a particularly nasty piece of work with no redeeming features at all. 

Cosgrove has the persona (and face) that makes a Cosa Nostra enforcer look like Mother Teresa.    The stories about his student days at St Bedes in Christchurch are legend.   A friendless boy, politically driven, who took pleasure in shafting anyone and everyone who stood between him and success however measured. 

It is no great secret that National had concerns about holding the Waimakariri seat won from Cosgrove by retiring MP Kate Wilkinson with a majority of just 642.     He smarted over his 2011 defeat and this year ran a Cosgrove centric campaign where promoting the Party vote didn't count/rate.    No matter, the electorate figured him out for what he was/is and returned Matt Doocey, his National Party opponent, with a massively increased majority (2,133 and counting).

Cosgrove is not and has never been a team player except on his own terms.   Happy to dish out the dirt to all and sundry to the point where he makes Trevor Mallard appear saintly.    Karen Price got it about right with her call on him.

The Veteran has some small knowledge of Cosgrove and the way he works.   Back in the 1990s he served two terms on the Lottery Grants Board.    Early in his time he was given oversight of the Lottery Youth distribution committee who were making some 'interesting' decisions.    Lottery Youth was chaired by a certain Clayton Cosgrove then chair of 'Young Labour' (or whatever their youth wing called themselves).     It very quickly became apparent that he ruled that committee with a rod of iron and brooked no dissent made easier given the fact that he had it 'stacked' with the executive committee of Young Labour in a move that made Mayor Daley's Cook County Democratic Party  machine look like amateurs.     I took some pleasure in recommending against his reappointment.   I suspect he has never forgiven me for that.   Cosgrove doesn't do forgiveness.       


The Realist said...

I am proud to say that my mother's maiden name is Cosgrove and we are not related!!!

Psycho Milt said...

This is one of those rare times we can both agree about a Labour MP!

gravedodger said...

Well said Vet, he is a shin kicker.

Good to see someone publish some of the less favorable traits of the man who embodies nasty more thoroughly than most.
Far too many give the little bastard kudos for his so called electorate work when the truth is it is done by staff.
Yes he has, through his electorate office achieved some good results for constituents but my information suggests it is motivated far more by what it does for Cosgrove than the struggler who has gone to him for assistance.