Saturday, October 4, 2014

Now That Will Indeed Be A Game Changer!!

Nasty Little Andy, fresh from watching  easy beat Jonathon Young,  now holding three aces and  increasing his winning margin for the third time, the second with the humorless union hack for an opponent  in the New Plymouth electorate,   is now considering entering the Labour party leadership stakes following his clifftop escape from ignominy following special votes counted and released today.

So now we have the man  who led the red team to the worst result in nearly a century, the perennial beltway man who blatantly lied on National Television as to the "absence of his bus driver 'mate'" who just happened to be in camera shot while the lying little fag was explaining to Heather duPlessis Allen ,"that Alf couldn't be present tonight",  about to be joined in the absolutely bastard system of selection to choose the next leader of the once great NZLP,  now reduced to a confused rabble of irreconcilable factions.

This latest contender, well he hasn't quite declared for final acceptances yet, has a stellar record as a vote winner at electorate level.
In 2008 Jonathon Young took New Plymouth from a dynastic hold to Labour, beating Harry Dynhoven by a measly 105 votes.
Three years on in 2011 Nasty Little Andy saw his main chance and nominated for the very marginal seat as a first step in a long planned game to become the leader of the NZLP.
Sadly things just didn't work out and Young kicked his sorry skinny arse by an over 4000 vote  majority.
Now that must have just been a ghastly mistake so Nasty Little Andy ran again in 2014 only to be left with the brown stuff all over his humorless dial when Young gave him an even bigger kicking, more than doubling his majority to almost 10 000, yes ten thousand votes ahead.

Now the sad little shit kicker wants to take that outstanding ability as a vote  winner into his long held dream of being top dog leader of the shambolic opposition hydra.

What could possibly go wrong.
Well for starters Mr c was the overwhelming choice for the union rump and that carried the day just over a year ago but this newby vote winner has a pedigree in union breeding that could just hand the poisoned chalice to the Nasty Little Andy himself, as the game changer of course.


pdm said...

If Little is in then he probably jumps to 1/1 in the betting but whether he is the solution to Labour's problems is a totally different question. I don't know too much about him but he must be the furthest left of the three likely contenders and that is not going to win back votes and voters lost in the centre. However, it will help him in all areas of the leadership race but will not lift Labours polling to any extent.

The Veteran said...

GD ... the Labour Party has its roots in the Union movement. At least Little can claim to be part of that legacy as opposed to his two ersatz contenders.

I suspect Cunliffe and Robertson are more comfortable with the sort of 'unions' that happen in the bedroom.

Little has the potential to be a serious contender. Not a big player in the ABC faction and will benefit from 'a plague on both your houses' syndrome.