Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Never a truer word spoken

As payment for providing them with an MP who doesn't count against its share of the party vote, David Seymour of ACT has been given cash, a sinecure and some flunkies by National.   And, because Seymour is a noob and therefore a sitting duck for the Opposition when it comes to anything related to his sinecure, National has also ensured "Seymour will not be subject to questions in the House. It appears he will not be subject to the Official Information Act also."

As you can imagine, the noob is chuffed:

Seymour said it was an honour to be given the role. 
"It's definitely a very important area for me, for ACT, and I think, for New Zealand."

Well, it's certainly an honour - normally, guys from parties with the level of support enjoyed by Ban 1080 or similar fringe nutcase outfits don't get cash, sinecures and flunkies from the government.  But it's also unsurprising, as it's direct payment for services rendered, viz providing National with an MP who doesn't count towards their party vote share.

Ordinarily, I'd regard this Rimmer-minus-the-H claiming his sinecure was important for New Zealand as the sort of bombastic narcissism you'd expect from the kind of guy who'd accept such a deal in the first place.  However, on reflection, it genuinely is important for New Zealand - examples of corruption in New Zealand's government are always important for New Zealand, and this example of it is no exception.  Although, given the examples of corrupt activity by the Key government just endorsed by the nation's voters, my view on the significance of corrupt activity in government might be a minority one.

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Couldn't have said it better Milt