Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The revelations concerning Karen Price and her twitter account here read like an episode from Fawlty Towers.     Mayhem gone crazy.

One can agree with her observation that Mallard and Cosgrove are beyond their use-by-dates but how that that square with Cunliffe's stated desire to run a positive campaign focusing of issues rather than personalities ... perhaps the answer is that personalities are the issues.

But more bizarre is Cunliffe's claim that he knew zip, zero, nothing about what his wife was doing measured against media reports that he was the first follower of  @tarnbabe67 (Tarn being his wife's nickname).    

Either Cunliffe is a liar or he so much in another space that he genuinely believes his own lies.   Either way he is perfectly suited to be Leader of the Labour Party.  

One can almost feel sorry for the likes of Edward the Confessor and Judge Holden but I'm not.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed.

Now the question is, who will win?

The bomastic, bellicose, bullshitting Mr Tarnbabe or the pallid, pale, pasty=faced poofter?

Nookin said...

"Edward the Confessor and Judge Holden "

Are they not one and the same?

The Veteran said...

Rumour has it they are Trevor Mallard and Greg Prentice but, then again, they could just be a computer generated bot and a pretty predictable bot at that.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

John Tamihere in the Herald the other day . . .

"Under Helen Clark the party was captured by academics and tertiary-educated leaders of a union movement that never worked a shop floor. They concentrated on identity politics and controlled the party not on the great economic issues, but on whether you were gay, Maori, feminist, bisexual, etc."

"The party machinery then populated the Parliament with a narrow compass of appeal."

"They lost because they no longer reflect their voter demographic either in values or in priorities. They have driven people like myself out of the conversation and out of contributing to the party. They have lost connection with middle New Zealand and, particularly, men."

Labour doesn't need a protracted review process. Tamihere lays it all out right there.

The Veteran said...

Ghost ... but to rectify that you would have to bullet half (or more) of the Labour Party caucus and the entire NZ Council.

Would make an ISIS beheading look almost normal.

Jamie said...

Don't let the door hit ya ass on your way out David

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When, oh when, will some intelligent journalist, if there is one, ask Cunliffe who is funding his leadership campaign MkII?

Anonymous said...

"intelligent journalist", now theirs two words that are rarely seen together these days.

B Whitehead