Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is Obesity The Problem, Yes Or No?

 News reports that Kim Jung-un is recovering in a Poyongyang Hospital with tight security following breaking both ankles.

The first question for me, did he jump or was he pushed?

Neither apparently, the official story is the little megalomaniac has ballooned to over 20 stone or nearly 130 Kg,  since inheriting power by drinking and eating to excess and following an "arduous tour" of military bases and industrial areas strained and then fractured the now under considerable stress joints, under additional strain from his raised "cuban heels" worn to give elevation to his perceived  challenged height.

He had not been seen for over a month and speculation was rife he had some domestics confronting him.

It is not yet clear if the heavy security is for restraint or protection as the latest Kim to rule the benighted country is not yet enjoying the illustrious place in North Korean affairs his forebears basked in, in the ultra controlled political environment.

He has slaughtered some who might be a threat and that can create some believing attack is a better defence.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Obesity is never a problem. T's the result of a problem.

Overeating and too little exercise.