Friday, October 10, 2014

Hypocrisy Vs Reality

They crow about their oh so wonderful inclusiveness,

They preach about sainthood.

They castigate the government for their avoidance of the one true way.

They deplore the dearth of females on the front bench and cabinet rankings.

They have the fourth leadership spill in the six years since the vanquishing of one female ever to lead them who claimed marriage as part of her persona and evaded any questioning of her orientation.

They make so much of being inclusive and broad church.

Yet as they embark on that next attempt to select a leader to restore their electoral fortunes, they are for the fourth time proceeding with no sign  of a  female candidate. Hell they only included King as deputy interim leader for her "safe hands".

After all the bs and preaching the only names mentioned are Mahuta,who, Adern,what, and Moroney,why.

Maybe forget quotas, manbans, and inclusive crap, how about go out into the community and seekout successful women who have proved they can offer something from within them selves, forged in the real world. sheesh two or three would make one hell of an impact.
Then again would such a person put up with the absolute garbage that the NZLP c2014 revels in as a false image.
Recall what the Bible said about false idols and worship.


pdm said...

They railroaded Josie Pagani pretty quickly when she put forward some pragmatic solutions to their problems. The Cunliffe crew would not even let her go north and help Kelvin Davies campaign.

It looks like the `heads in the sand' philosophy will continue for some years yet.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

" Mahuta,who, Adern,what, and Moroney,why.

GD Eery now and again, a gem.

The Veteran said...

Chaps & Chapettes ... methinks you are being a bit tough. Afterall they had the sense to make Street No. 15 and MacKay No. 17 on their List thus ensuring they exited Parliament stage left (Goff at No. 16 won his seat).

It would be a very thin tome that listed the parliamentary achievements of Street and Mackay.