Monday, October 6, 2014

Go ENSOC, Go You good Things.

Canterbury Engineering Students have upset a handful of precious pansies with their promotion of the annual event called the Ro undie 500.

I am very upset and embarrassed that publicity has been given to those who claim to be "offended".

Offended my arse, hacking the head of an aid worker trying to relieve the depredations suffered by the helpless trapped in Syria, with a small knife, now that  is offensive.

When as an innocent little third former at the last assembly of term one when we were to make our way to  St Pauls Presbyterian Church on the Corner of Madras and Cashel streets to "rehearse the upcoming end of term service" Deputy Rector Giles aka Allan Gillies after a strategic retreat by Rector  Les Stewart proceeded to warn the assembly that there would be disgusting students of the University selling "Capping magazines" on the streets and we were to avoid at all costs allowing our oh so innocent minds to be polluted with such depraved scribblings.
It was sometime later we realised,  they cost from memory 2 shillings and it was all a veiled hint to be certain to have the money ready.

Students are always causing grief to their elders and the establishment and this latest effort from ENSOC has much precedent and if a few precious pansies are offended then they have achieved their current goal.
As for extending it to include supposed insults to Islam and the Muslim faith the best defence available for those so offended  is to either ignore it or if that is too hard then head back to their depraved shitholes and live whatever the good life delivered there.

I sincerely hope Ro undie 2014 is everything you at ENSOC wish it to be.
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Authorities are this morning declining to respond to the one hundred odd humorless halfwits who cannot comprehend how the young see the world.

Sanity survives for now. 

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