Thursday, October 30, 2014

All Roads Lead To Culverden.

Today, the last Thursday in October is "The Fete".

Originally started as a save our economic lifestyle over 20 years ago by four wives of farmers facing the new economic order following the Douglas reforms.

Now well into the next generation and at the current location of Wynyard east of Culverden this big day on the North Canterbury calendar will have thousands of chattering women in thousands of cars on the roads of the rural hinterland that can have anything the spring weather offers.

Culverden can and does top the daily temperature charts, it also is where the Nor West wind can wreak its destructive force as many idle pivot irrigators proved a couple of years ago.

Originally this event was held in the grounds of the historic homestead of one of the Amuri Wool Kings, Duncan Rutherford at Leslie Hills and much of the initial impetus came from family and friends of the four women by word of mouth.
Boy has that been overtaken by events.

You have been warned, North Canterbury is no place for uninterrupted travel today, the quiet rural roads with fleets of milk tankers as the main users will have gridlock in places.

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