Sunday, October 26, 2014

20 Seconds Of Madness But It Is Yours to Own.

An open letter to the "prominent New Zealander and former sporting person", Queenstown

Dear Intractably Stupid,
Mr Boofhead, former sporting name who cannot now accept that even madness might have consequences.

The victim you forced yourself onto has now had her name suppression lifted and Ms Hemsley would  now like you, you arrogant thicko to face the consequences of your madness.

"My children are hardly talking to me, my marriage is under threat, I am struggling to find work and I might be forced to find "menial work",  she was complicit and any act was consensual."

Boo hoo wha wha poor poor me.

You were once at the very top and the bitch should have been flattered, I do not think so in light of what has unfolded
Well boofhead it would seem you got that wrong and continuing denial via a rather circuitous and somewhat baffling decision by a judge many miles from where your rather disgusting act occurred, perhaps now would be a great time to accept publically what you call a 20 second moment of madness and almost every other person with the knowledge of the published facts calls appalling , invasive, unforgivable, opportunistic and arrogant, it would now be time to take responsibility and man up as  your refusal to do so might have an exaggerated bearing on what you are now complaining so bitterly about.

Had you just let justice take its course and pled guilty to the reduced charge, many of those you claim are causing you so much grief  might have carried on pretty much unmoved if your claim to a one off 20 seconds of madness was true.
I suspect however what you seek to deny and avoid responsibility for, might not be such an accurate revelation.

Whatever, I truly believe your former life has not equipped you for such submission and you truly believe you are still special.
Sorry, all those you complain about as being "unfair to you", are really in the significant body of people who now know  all about you, your past, and have decided what occurred between you and Ms Hemsley left you in an indefensible position.
My advice is to just man up and face the consequences of your 20 seconds of madness, it may be cathartic, and in all probability it might be your best option.
You never know there might be another arrogant bastard out there who will support your inflated view of yourself and give you the time off day.  .

Best wishes Mr 'You Were Once an Inspiration' to all young men.



The Veteran said...

The real stupid thing about this ... is there anyone in NZl (apart from that nice Mr Cunliffe) who doesn't know who Boofhead is.

JC said...

He is still lying. That 20 seconds was in fact minutes of assault as testified by the victim and which makes more sense anyway.

He also lied about the attack being consensual and he proved the lie by pleading guilty twice.

About the only true thing he told the Herald was that he had no "remorse".

I wonder how many other victims are out there who might have come forward if he had been identified?


Anonymous said...

The sad thing about this is I have a rough idea who it could be, but could be wrong.
I'm sure other people are in the same boat, and it casts suspicion unnessessarily on the Boofheads past & present associates etc.

B Whitehead

Budgieboy said...

Another blog has written a piece on a 'prominent New Zealander' today (Best not to name it here)

Not referring to this case of course, just a bit of a bio on the guy.

Methinks Mr Google will be delivering many many hits to that site today.It's a holiday and the story is front and centre in the news again so plenty of people will have the time and the inlination to search. By the end of the day the remaining 34 people left in the country that don't know who he is probably wI'll.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who he is, but then I don't follow sport nor read the Herald.

Am I missing something?

Mrs Danvers