Sunday, September 21, 2014


Incredible night.    Much will be said over the next few days.   For what it is worth ........

The Winners

New Zealand
John Key
New Zealand
Young Nationals (the 5,000 who worked their butts off)
Kelvin Davis (the cheering at our Election HQ was deafening)
Pollster David Farrar

The Losers

Cunliffe (who took his Party from 33% to 25%)
Greens  (terrible result and almost pipped by Winston First)
Hone Harawira (who sold his Mana for 30 pieces of silver)
Conservatives (some good people conned)
Christine Rankin (absolutely bombed in Epsom)
Holden (Nasty people like you helped the 'Left' loose the election)
Angry Tory (read your post s l o w l y and go figure)   

nuff said 


Anonymous said...

The best bit was Hone failing and leaving the awful Minto, Harre etc... in the cold.

His mum will be annoyed.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Whatever happened to The Greens?

Polling at nearly 14% just before the event and then struggled to make 10%.

Their ship sank. Did their people simply sat at home on the day or did the non commie environmentalists actually go out and vote national?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Andrea Vance doesn't understand this country.

"So the Dirty Politics practitioners were spot-on. Nasty tactics do favour the Right. "

No Andrea. Nasty tactics hurt the nasty people who adopt them, no matter left or right.

Go back to Northern Island, you silly girl. And take Peter Dunne with you.

The Veteran said...

Can I just say this too. Practice and basic good manners has it that the loser takes the trouble to ring the winner to both concede and congratulate. I know some Labour candidates did just that.

Not so in Northland. Labour's Willow Jean Prime couldn't/didn't bother. About par for the course for someone who was so arrogant as to stand for a General seat while remaining on the Maori Roll.

No class ... goes with the territory.

Angry Tory said...

Angry Tory (read your post s l o w l y and go figure)

let's see:
National majority government;
64% votes cast to the Right of Labour;
National govt til 2020, probably much later;
Mana wiped out;
Maori party nearly wiped out (just give Marama Fox a National list ranking in 2020 when the Conservatives get rid of the Maori seats)
Conservatives in in 2017, in coalition 2020.

and definitive proof that Whaleoil IS "Mainstream New Zealand"

what's not to like?

Now: time to govern as if we'd won - not as if Helen Clark somehow won. again.

Cam's put his wish-list out there: anti-corruption commission; de-unionise schools & public service; sell RadioNZ & TVNZ; stop wasting money on railways; real benefit reform;

I think Cam deserves some real policy wins. Don't you?

The Realist said...

The simple fact is that the National Party is and always has been a broad-spectrum mmp-type party.

The Veteran said...

Angry Tory ... extracts from your post and the reason why people run a mile from you and yours.

- close down RadioNZ
- close down railway
- charterise all schools, sell all school property
- ban the unions
- sell all state houses
- sell all state hospitals
- open ALL doc land for mining, especially the entire fucking Coromandel
- guns for cops (and laws to use 'em)
- GST to 20% - have to pay back the debt somehow
- zero corporate tax rate (yeah, better even than ACT)
- cap tax at 200K - all income over 200K untaxed
- delete all the maori seats
- nett taxpayer franchise

If you can't figure out why the vast majority of people think many of those policies are a tad extremist then I can't help you.

Clearly you are destined for a lifetime of anger.

Anonymous said...

It may not be science but looking at the cultural mix in the National after party I think they are broad spectrum. It was also noticeable that their after party looked classy and well run compared to Labour's bring a plate and the Greens vegan special of the day.

I don't get excited by the haka but my family do and they thought the haka for John Key's was great. It was and nice to see maori engaging with the supposed right in that fashion.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I watched the count on the EC website and it was interesting that right from the start 1900 NZT, National never dropped below 48% for the whole night.

Looks like the KFC didn't work this time in South Auckland.