Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Who knew?

Specifically, who knew this was a thing?

Judge Tony Couch found McNee guilty of a charge of using insulting words...

A charge of "using insulting words?"  Whatever the hell next?  A charge of "just, you know, being mean," maybe?  Perhaps one for those people who say they'll come to your party but then don't turn up?  Perp stands in the dock charged with failing to put the toilet seat down?

Seriously, Parliament might as well take their Bill of Rights Act and flush it, for all the use it is.  Either write some protections for speech and expression into the law and actually enforce them, or just don't bother. But spare us the pretence.

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Shane Ponting said...

In a public place, you should be able to say whatever the hell you want.

And if you aren't in a public place saying something, and other people don't like it - then address it as a property rights issue (i.e. the owner or designated authority of that private space decides whom to exclude/evict/trespass for whatever reason).