Friday, September 26, 2014

Who Cares?

 The reef fish are hungry and the food is scarce.

While the vacuum following the climactic events leading to 9/20 or 20/9  exists, the reef fish will circle anything at all in search of relevance, their only food source.

Somewhat dominating is the run of the mill blood letting that was inevitable after Cunliffe delivered the worst electoral result for the once triumphant NZLP in nearly a century.

The struggling newly merged from factions party, in the aftermath of WW1 was always competing with the Liberals in the shadow of the Communist uprising and over throw of the Tsar. A shadow that was as bloody and brutal as any transition from an autocracy to democracy could be and many of those involved in the embryonic NZLP were communists pure and simple.

This week as Cunliffe slowly bleeds out from the thousand cuts and then the mortal wounds suffered on Saturday, attention turns to who next to attempt the Resurrection.

There will need to be a party deputy but suggesting anyone gaining that perhaps thankless role must be measured as a possible deputy Prime Minister as many of the starving would opine, is arrant nonsense.
The deputy leader of a minor party and that is what the NZLP is facing, has almost zero chance of becoming DPM.
Hell that office in Australia at present is the leader of the coalition partner the National Party one Warren Truss while Abbotts deputy leader of the Libs Julie Bishop is bypassed. That from a two party solid coalition.
With the hydra needed to challenge Key,  having Peters, Norman, Turei, all seeking the exaulted place  and as Winston often reminds us "He is an ex Deputy PM",
H1 had several in her 9 years Peters, Cullen, and Anderton all at various times in the role. with two of them ostensibly minor party leaders

So Take a step back fishes, whoever gets the top dog role at Labour, they have a greater chance of interim than  permanent and it follows that any deputy while possibly rising to lead sometime in future depending how things unfold, has no more than a snowballs chance in hell of the office of DPM to be considered.

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