Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where is Hone, Where is the purported $500 000?

Internet Mana have declared $4 500 000 in donations from the nice Herr Schmitz according to reports.

Does that include the suggested half  million that the creator of white mother fuckers is said to have pledged for his efforts in Te Tai Tokerau as insurance against a failure to crack the 5%.

Where is Mr h.

Do the Electoral laws apply to the constituent parties in the light of the almost certainty they will file for divorce after November one.

When was the last time a party leader went awol in the last weeks of a campaign, how serious was that accident he had on his way to the campaign launch so well dominated by a fired up Red Head threatening the media with some choice oratory as the news of the day

Whatever happened to the pledge from Herr Schmitz to withdraw his private political party if it was not going to make it by the time the ballots went to the printer.
 FFS  Lardarse voted  yesterday and said as he put his vote into the box, " Ka Boom".

Polls from Maori TV have Sykes at no hope in Wairariki.

If Davis gets up to win TTT and Internet Mana is stranded on any figure below 5%, then I am guessing flight will overtake fight and another of the original cast of the most audacious heist in our short political history will do a Houdini act.
Is Hone Hadfield Houdini doing a dry run for the obese one, testing the system. I guess a decent money belt could simulate the difference in weight if the volume question still dangled.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wonder if the reverend gentleman from the Maori Party in TTT will become suddenly seriously ill and withdraw from the field about a week out, with a ringing exhortation for his followers to party vote Maori and electorate vote Davis?

Barnsley Bill said...

Harawira will win TTT.
Half of the unsafe, unregitered, unwoffed cars being driven around the north all have Mana stickers and flags on them. Kelvin now has a fair amount of signage after a slow start.
The car crash was quite a bad one by all accounts. Nobody has disclosed how he managed to get out of the car and travel up and over the Mangamukas to home before the cops knew what was going on though.
We are now faced with a very simple choice. You either vote National or you get Kim Dotcom.

Marc said...

Maybe he is hiding from the boys in blue waiting to serve an arrest warrant. HH is not a drinker, so I doubt it is anything to do with DIC charge.

Baxter said...

I wonder if he was even in the car.

The Veteran said...

BB tells it how it is. In one respect I feel for Hone having to swallow dead rats with his paymaster having decreed that the best thing for Maoridom is for them to be able to smoke electric-puha with impunity.

Tough at the top when you consort with criminals.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Maybe he's dead!

That would rip the fat kraut's pjs.

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the posters like snow angel (snow flake). Are you guys blocking them?
If not then maybe KDC has stopped paying them.

gravedodger said...

Morons such as snow very flakey are not posters they are commenters on our posts.
I cant speak for my colleagues but when I delete the comment records the deletion.

As to where the moron is maybe the Taniwha that got Hone took him for desert, snowflake does sound edible eh bro.