Thursday, September 18, 2014

What Will The Luvvies Do Now.

Sugar grew naturally in Fiji when British colonials arrived in the mid 19th century but when plantation development became a source of sugar with advantages over the European Beets, workers were a problem.
No problem for the Brits, with teeming millions of colonial subjects in the sub continent they just transported labour to allow the naturally laid back natives to sit back and watch.
All fine while The Brits ran things until the wave of unwinding colonisation swept the Empire in the 1960s and self government was the only game in town.
Who to devolve power to was answered by handing things to chiefs in situ who were nothing like the monarchial system that had evolved over centuries in the UK where the power of heredity rulers was completely devolved to elected parliaments.
In Fiji and many other places across the globe, the chiefs were not about to share much with anyone and particularly with  the transplanted Indians who had retained their culture and having been doing all the work has amassed much of the economic power.
The natives on the other hand had drifted into the military so when the daft constitution provided a power opportunity to a group with a significant Indo Fijian component the exclusively  native military were more than a little dismayed by such usurpation of the chiefly powers and enter Sitiveni Rambuka and Coup one.
Then the "New" constitution written under the direction of a race based Padre from NZ who reinstated a degree of chiefly advantage and another bunch of crooks were installed.
So after a quarter century of coup machinations culminating in the last stand of the chiefs led by a crook Qarase, he was replaced in the last coup by Commodore Frank Bainimarama, head of the military and immediately he was treated as a pariah by the luvvies.

Now 8 years on after what seemed to me to be a reasonable transition period and in the face of bullying by socially advanced countries such as NZ and Australia in the for front, Frank has been elected head of a democratically elected parliament.

So where does that leave the luvvies, will they now turn on the disappointing efforts in Tonga, Samoa, The Solomons where despots , corruption and dark forces remain entrenched within our sphere of influence while Frank's Island Nation hopefully moves forward in the world as a multi cultural democracy.
It has not all been pretty but unless someone has discovered a way of making omelets without breaking eggs then why not admit the actions of oh so superior New Zealand and others, have not been as noble and advanced as those in charge would like you to think.

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Anonymous said...

Straight out of the Luvvie handbook...
"Nothing to see here, move on"

B. Whitehead