Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Was That A Glimpse As To How They Succeeded.

After weeks of hints the sky would fall five days out, was that it!

Following the 2011 election on January 20th 2012 New Zealand became aware we were host to an obese German with convictions for internet fraud, hacking and piracy, wanted in the US to face trial on charges of internet based  malfeasance over Music and Film copyright.

Tonight after a build up that would challenge almost any event scheduled in this country for a one night stand, we were to be able to witness livestream  the predicted destruction of John Key and his National led administration and thereby allow a new Justice Minister in a friendly Cunliffe led government to overturn an extradition order by our courts.

We were  to witness a one time minion in The Troughmaster Generals Alliance party host a collection of misfits struggling for relevance tell us how we should govern ourselves from next Saturday's scheduled General Election
The  bought and owned passage to power for the Internet Mana Party, John  Hadfield who is himself under threat in his Te Tai Tokerau race based seat from a NZLP man of the future Kelvin Davis, tonight  revealed in a Maori TV poll to be only 1% in arrears,  Hadfield, turned up apparently as a reluctant near late  scratching. clearly under owners orders.

The more shameful charade was the German Schmitz, who had been shouting the odds for weeks he had the goods on Key and had assembled a bunch of even more dubious bastards to assist in the coup. Julian Assange of Wikileaks infamy by video link from the Ecuadorian Embasy in London where he is sheltering under diplomatic immunity from Swedish Police wanting to interview him over a rape investigation.
 Edward Snowdon enjoying similar protection from Vladimir Putin of Russia from US government justice over leaking state secrets.
 Robert Amsterdam a Canadian lawyer assisting Herr Schmitz avoid his extradition.
  To complete the assault on our democracy by a bunch of mercenaries, a journalist named Glen Greenwald who was apparently secured to give some order and gravitas to proceedings.

What has been trumpeted as the end of the road for John Key and his very popular government turned out a little below the hype.
Schmitz claim Key "knew" him prior to the raid and subsequent court appearance in January 2012 did not register, the main evidence being a dodgy and widely regarded as fraudulent, email, suggesting Key was acting for Hollywood in allowing Schmitz entry to NZ, to facilitate extradition  to the US was demonstrated as pathetic.
Claims from the consortium of the star chamber witnesses that Key and his administration had run surveillance on the citizens communications had all the credibility of a kindergarten sandpit scrap.
The whole thing degenerated to a point where the aftermatch presser became a shouting match led by an increasingly discredited Herr Schmitz who ended things with walkout.

The Dot Com Bomb was described as a damp squib, my take was a washout Guy Faulks following torrential 200 mm of rain in four hours, totally ruining an anticipated  November fifth  night of fun.

I see further eroding of the hydra support as the only outcome and a strengthening of the National led right of center parties.
A Kelvin Davis victory in TTT leaving a sub 4.9% IMP languishing in the wilderness as a bonus.
Then next year an overweight foreigner being escorted to the US to face his accusers in Virginia State courts as the icing on the cake.
Not a good return on a suggested NZ$ ten million investment, eh.

The greatest tragedy in this whole charade is the almost total subversion of our once vaunted Forth Estate who almost to a man/woman have sold their professionalism and integrity in  reporting the whole circus without any question or investigation as our fragile democracy was assaulted by a bunch of arrogant pricks.
Sheesh even simple old Bazza Soper has finally realised that he might have been "used"

People often ask how did Germany descend into the abyss that bottomed out with the demolition of the Nazis.
It started in chaos and manipulation of a nation where good people were reduced to impotence and lost any will to stand up for right, in short a majority were seduced by a minority and watching the almost hysterical efforts of many in the Auckland town hall was a glimpse as to how it can happen.

I am still confident good will prevail next Saturday and that effort by a bunch of arrogant foreigners could only assist in that result.

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