Friday, September 12, 2014

They Seem To Have Disappeared......

....... all the ghoulish know-alls who pronounced Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder, that is.

Here is an excellent piece of commentary from Larry Pickering


Anonymous said...

Plenty of "know-alls" are still about who do see it differently:

Psycho Milt said...

Does seem an odd decision.

"Yeronner, I intended to shred a complete stranger with those dum-dum bullets. No-one was more shocked and horrified than me to find out the big holes were in someone I actually knew and cared about."

"Gosh, well that's not murder then. But be more careful next time you're shredding complete strangers."

JC said...


The use of dumdums is also a safety feature designed to contain the bullet within the body (and hopefully stop further aggression) rather than a non expanding bullet which can continue traveling through the target, through a wall and into an innocent body further out.

A non expanding bullet fired from some pistols could penetrate 6-9 interior walls.. you wouldn't want to be in a room several walls away from a missed shot.

I was always pretty sure what the verdict on murder would be (innocent).. the guy is a notorious arsehole with reckless tendencies who deserves to be in clink but the evidence didn't suggest premeditated murder. Culpable homicide might be the goer.


jamie said...

MONEY TALKS, B*llS**T WALKS, and this rich kid gonna beat the MURDA BEEF. The MSM gonna whitewash this one I reckon.
Now i'm just a simple old soldier here but The Rules of Engagement clearly state you MUST IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET BEFORE YOU ENGAGE (that's day 1 stuff)
Now if ya got your intruder trapped in the dunny but don't know where your Mrs is ya probably wanna ask if she in there first before ya start blasting??
All his explanations and excuses fail to explain this for me. His performances in court were embarrassing for me to watch as a man, and his acting ain't gonna win no academy award.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Why is this bullshit even news? Who cares ? He's not even a proper athlete.

jamie said...

Show trial, shows what money can buy