Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The News They Don't Want You To See

On the very same day Phil Goff finally confesses to lying to parliament, the media and Uncle Tom  Cobley about his interference in the OIA process, TVNZ features a picture of the same sanctimonious idiot and a Labour Party press release on the National Party's defense policy.  Not even a mention of his confession.

Phil Goff was interviewed by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security today, and in the process admitted on oath to unlawfully delaying an OIA request:

Goff stated he had not been briefed on the Israeli tourists, when he clearly had been. He then tried to suppress the evidence he had been briefed. And now he claims it was wrong for the Government to release information which contradicts him. And this is the man who got up in Parliament and read out extracts from a highly confidential note take by an MFAT staffer at a meeting with National MPs and US Senators.

Remember, this is the fellow who sucked up to Yassir Arafat, spat on our troops returning from active duty in Vietnam and leaked the contents of a confidential MFAT briefing for political point scoring.

Funny thing is, if the media bloodhounds applied the same standards to Goff as they applied to Judith Collins, he would no longer be an MP.


budgieboy said...

That Collins comment is 100% correct!

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


And you have a fat head. get a nom de plume if you want to comment here.

JC said...

In his zeal to score a hit on Whaleoil Phil has forgotten his legacy.. such as it was.

History will record he lied as an MP and Leader of the Opposition, not that Whaleoil and Tucker exposed his lies.

Like Nixon he will have his breakthrough with China recorded but it will be degraded by his character flaws that you mentioned and certainly I will be reminding people of his central nastiness for as long as I draw breath and I hope others will carry that on in the decades ahead.

He stole goodness from us all about Vietnam, Palestine, the "Gone by lunchtime" lie and the Israeli spy affair and capped off a sorry career with his "Show me the money" failure.


Nookin said...

He can be a vindictive SoB as well. Read the attached article by a wannabe journalist who writes about Mr Goff about two thirds of the way through the linked article. Start with the para about East Timor files. Seems he deliberately spiked a story.


JC said...


Fascinating, here is a quote from Hager's speech:

"The main limitation on public use of organisational information is usually that the public and journalists do not know what information is there to ask for. For about 15 years my friend would quietly and regularly let me know about information that I was entitled to receive if I just knew what to request. In doing so he acted professionally and loyal to his employers, but also loyal to the right of the public to know about and access important information. Year after year he performed a remarnable public service.

I had a similar experience when I was contacted by someone in the Army and invited to meet him over a coffee. He explained that his position allowed him to see old defence files and he had seen some things that he thought the public should know about: Army files from the 1970s that showed that the Army knew in advance about the Indonesian invasion of East Timor and had done nothing to stop it. This was a suggestion that had arisen but been denied for many years, and in the absence of documentary evidence the subject could not be resolved. The Army man described the precise types of file he’d seen and what particular documents said. I was then able to request them from Defence and Foreign Affairs in a way that was hard to refuse."

Hager is describing precisely how Whaleoil was able to gain a quicker response to his OIA requests.

Add to that Barry Soper's comments on Newstalk ZB about how MPs often schooled Parliamentary Gallery reporters how best to access OIA information.

Whats becoming clearer is that Whaleoil was becoming a similar insider to such information but using it for a right wing cause.. sacrilege!.. and must be stopped.


Nookin said...

There is no evidence that Williamson asked for the charges to be dropped and the cop who took the call made that clear. Goff's "discussion" was, by his own admission, directed at preventing or delaying disclosure.
Don't let facts get in the way of a good rant, though.