Sunday, September 21, 2014

The missing million

What happened to the "missing million" Labour and the GIMPs were meant to enrol and turn out?

They turned out alright.  But the problem is they weren't missing at all.  They all voted for National.

Results Counted:7,198 of 7,198 (100.0%)
Total Votes Counted:2,112,522
Special Votes:254,630
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places:1,385
National Party1,010,46448.06412061

This was a  FPP result.  The dope party got more party votes than United Future.  The minor parties were hammered, including the Greens who polled poorly and who found out that rhetoric doesn't equal substance.

This was an election of the old, grumpy conservatives.

For parties like Act to grow from here they need charismatic, statesmanlike leaders who shine on TV - much like Winston does.  For all Act's good ideas and policies, MMP elections are all about the leaders because of party lists and the party vote.  Colin Craig did very well in this area this time.

I made mention many times starting about 9 months ago how the Conservatives would not make it and how Act would easily win Epsom.  I was right on both counts.  The 5% threshold is very hard to crack - it won't be any easier next time for Colin.

Last night I tweeted at 7:30 pm that Kelvin Davis would win TTT based on what I was seeing with the results.  Then about 9pm the commentators started to call it.  That just shows what amateurs the TV stations had on their shows - I mean, Toni Street.  Puhleeez.

And that brings me back to the "missing million".  It has been found, actually.  And it is located as not one million, but rather about $5.5 million described on the expense returns of Kim Dotcom and Colin Craig in their attempts to buy power.

Finally, the big winner last night was Curia Research.  It probably picked up another 10 clients on the back of Key's endorsement in his acceptance speech!


pdm said...

Nick - I thought the graphics on TV3 were very good - they gave me what I wanted to see re electorate results. TVNZ were poor in that respect. Linda Clark, Hooten, Bryce Edwards and the Maori chap were also good but Campbell does give me the guts ache.

Still I watched 3 in preference to One for most of the night

The Veteran said...

I do expect that David Farrar enjoyed more than a few wines last night.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The only place I could watch it was the Electoral Commission website.

It was actually very good, more so for the absence of talking heads.