Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Glass Aint Half Full It's Overflowing!

As Prime Minister Key creates his coalition in the spirit of MMP, the appointment of David Seymour as an under secretary  is coming under fire from the almost evaporated puddle of journalism fueled by the disgruntled political losers.

Seymour is educated with talent sufficient to earn the Epsom nomination for ACT and it is not beyond belief he could have won in a straight shootout following a significant effort over many months.
Compare his creds to any of the rabble who but for some real intelligence on the part of a majority of voters had joined the Dwarf in a role as "kingmakers".

Jim Anderton plied us with a rort over years as a party leader of a party essentially of one megalomaniac.

Why is it so bad for Seymour to be allowed to enjoy the benefits endowed by the massively stupid MMP system.
He has to be several notches above Dennis O'Corner Section O'Rourke who has been troughing for years first as a Republic Of Christchurch presidium apparatchik, then appointed to sinecure positions on the trading arms and now coat tailing into parliament on the Dwarfs splendid garments.
His Tenant is only a mate, yeah right, animal lovers know about mating eh.  

ACT is a coalition partner in the current administration and as we are saddled with MMP Key has been astute in giving Seymour responsibilities around education and a great learning opportunity to prove himself.
Dont blame me I have never and never will support MMP as it is inherently flawed in awarding a much to high a loading to minor parties.

Anyone obsessing about cost of government should as a minimum imo advocate for a return to electorate only with STV if necessary and a parliament of 60, no race based seats and every member elected by an eventual simple majority after the lowest polling candidates votes redistributed until the magic 50% is reached.

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